Saturday, November 1, 2014


I am super weird about Halloween.  I mean I am weird about most holidays but Halloween is the more peculiar oddity.

I have always loved Halloween.  Why?  Dress-up of course!  I mean candy was great as a kid but I didn't really get to play dress-up outside of on Halloween.  Of course, as an adult, candy is still great but now it hurts my teeth when I indulge too much.  Candy corn I love you but teeth don't.  Sadness.  However, a bag of gummy bears I will devour and have a sweet sugar coma after.  Sugar.....

I stopped going out on Halloween many years ago.  I was never a fan of going to crowded bars with a high likelihood of having my (then) store-bought costume ruined.  The last time I hit up a bar on Halloween I was attacked.  That is a story I think I have talked about before but I have no intention of rehashing now.  It was attempted assault and no I was not hurt in the end.  This girl has reflexes.

Since then, I don't really go out to crowded bars and when I do I am normally gone by midnight.  I generally have a two beer rule.  If I am going to a bar to see a friends show (I haven't in a few years) I only drink beer and only two maximum.  I also don't allow other people to drive me.  This way I don't get trashed and I don't have to feel trapped (because I can leave) or anxious that my driver is drinking.

I have tried to go out to Halloween parties since that one night, but anxiety gets the best of me.  However, I DO want to make it to my friends annual parties in NJ and PA.  I truly do.  This year they fell on the same night.  No fair. 

This year I am also feeling like a stick in the mud.  So there is that also. 

Costumes on Halloween pose a curious confusion.  I will not wear a cosplay out on Halloween (I never have).  I spend so much time making them that I would be very upset if they got ruined.  At the same time, I can't fathom buying a store-bought costume.  There is NOTHING wrong with buying store-bought costumes, but because I sew I can't get around spending money on something I could make of better quality and more accurate for less money.  Seriously, those store bought costumes are overpriced for what they are.  So if I were to go out on Halloween I would be confronted with that conundrum.

Yesterday, while at work, I was asked a few times why I didn't dress up.  To be honest it's because of harassment.  I used to wear cute head-wear for work.  I still have my giraffe headband.  In recent years, I have had an issue with my work harasser the "smile guy" (I wrote about it).  The last time I wore anything to work I was in a red shirt, black pants, and I had clip on devil horns.  You can imagine how this guy had a field day bothering me all day long until I finally just took them off.  As it is now I can't wear my boots to work with out this guy trailing me with cat calls and comments.  The sad thing is most women take it as a compliment or put up with it and for the rest he is well liked.  I have tried to tell him to knock it off and have gotten very nasty comments back so that isn't working.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for the day he changes jobs or retires.  It's possible.  Then again I might find something somewhere else also.  You never know.

It's funny to me that I would be more likely to be harassed in costume at my job than at a convention.  It's sad but its reality.  I mean it would be totally awesome to wear Dorothy to work or Megara (more conservative costumes).  Most of the people at my job know I costume and I am pretty sure they would get a kick out of seeing one in person for a change.  Maybe one day in the future.

I highly anticipate the day that I will be able to answer the door for trick or treaters (in cosplay of course).  I would love to go out trick or treating with my friends and their kids.  That's what I can't wait for and every year I squee at all the kid costume pictures from my friends.

Plus it's a Pagan holiday and Pagans are cool.