Monday, November 10, 2014

Pre-Order Fail Again... Better Luck Next Time...

My oh my, preorder fail once again...

Yesterday I picked up my final Disney Infinity 2.0 preorders from Toys 'R' Us.

This time I was never notified whether or not my preorders had come into stock.  Fail.

I went to the Toys 'R' Us and I took a long look around the store until I landed in the video game section to discover this time my preorder items were clearly in-stock.  When I picked up the starter pack last month the two playsets were not in store for non preorders.  Seeing that they were in store now, I went to my car to get my preorder cards and receipt.  I asked the lady working the area (who had offered to help) if I should grab the preordered items off the rack or if they have them in the back.  She asked me to wait.

Just like last time, she looked in the back and then brought a manager over who also looked in the back and then came to the register and scanned the cards and receipt with a confused look.  As this was happening, I told him I had not been notified whether the items had been in stock and mentioned that I had the same issue with the starter pack.  His response was along the lines of they don't notify the customers with figure preorders.  I have to add he said this very kindly even though I could see he was a little lost on finding my preorder.  So it raises the question of what purpose does the preorder
 serve when they don't put the preorders aside or contact the customers with availability?

He then went to the rack to pull the items I had preordered.  Sigh.  I tried to save them all the confusion by pulling them myself.  At least this time I didn't create a line.

Bottom line, I will never preorder from that Toys "R" Us again.  I am curious if anyone has preordered from Toys "R" Us and had a similar or different experience.  I would consider a different store.  The benefit from preordering at Toys "R" Us was a free Venom figure with the starter pack otherwise there wasn't a benefit but the free figure was pretty sweet.

So now I have all the Marvel Playsets and I picked up the Hulk and Rocket Raccoon.  I started playing Guardians for a little bit last night and I really love playing as Drax!

Since I am calling out Toys "R" Us I should mention it's the Riverhead, NY store that messed up all of my preorders... called you out.

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