Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving My Way...

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  It was a productive day for me indeed.

I don't celebrate holidays currently.  Over the years people have grown content with my personal tradition of crafting during this inbetween time in my life.

That said today, I finished both the Mockingbird mask and the Huntress mask.  That really just took a lot of spray paint, time and patience.  I find that my gesso keeps peeling.  I am curious if that has to do with the brand and maybe I need to upgrade to the Golden brand.  I had picked up the Liquitex brand because it came in a smaller size but maybe its just not as good.  Worth a try anyway.

I also hemmed three pairs of pants.  Boy did they need it!  Two pairs went up 3" and another 3.5."  I am that seamstress that works on my projects but when it comes to fixing every day wear I am very lazy about it.  Ha.

I also caught up on Gotham, American Horror Story: Freak Show, and The Flash.  Whew.  I also missed Arrow this week but it wasn't On Demand yet.  I thought the crossover was this week but I am glad it's next week so I get to watch it when it airs.  Yay!  Because I was not missing Mockingjay movie night.  Nope.

On a Thanksgiving theme though, I want to say I am truly grateful for the friendships I have made   through costuming.  This past year has been a particularly rough year emotionally.  I am very lucky to have found such wonderful people who have been there for me through it all with an open heart and ears.  I am very lucky to have found people who actually understand what I have been going through and those that don't understand still take the time to listen.  So for that and more thank you all.


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