Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Been a While

Well, I feel like I have been absent for months but in reality it's been maybe two weeks.  It's killing my soul!

December is traditionally a very busy high stress month for pretty much everyone.  But for those of us that work in a few fields it is more so and food service is certainly one of them.  Work-wise, I order the food and supplies, but I also manage the catering.  I flopped over in a sigh of complete physical and mental exhaustion last Friday glad that what I call "hell week" was OVER.  It's the week when everyone last minute sets up their department holiday parties.  It's very stressful.  I screwed some things up, making it more stressful.

So outside of work work work, I have been a social butterfly.  I went to WinterCon which was a lot of fun.  It was a small show in Ozone Park, NY.  I had planned on cosplaying as Dorothy, but when the time came my hair was not cooperating.  So I went as a typical fan.  I bought quite a few books.  Some that I have been looking for and others that had been suggested to me.  I found the Jenkins "Inhumans" book that is normally $40 for only $15.  I have been looking for this book.  I was happy.

I lost my mind a little bit buying Disney Infinity Power Disc packs.  Specifically the series 1 Toys R Us series because I have the album and I have a completest problem (mild OCD).  They had a buy one get one sale last week and I went a little wild.

My birthday was two weekends ago and it was excellent.  My best guy friend came out to the island and we hung out.  The following night I went to Unemployed Skeletors place and had a slumber party with Guardians of the Galaxy and Maleficent.  We also had wine, fireball, toffee almonds, a dog named Timber, vintage My Little Ponies, and cake!  They got me cake and I think for the first time in years I was comfortable with people singing to me.  I love these people.

Last weekend, I took a CPI course at work.  It's Non-Violent Crisis Intervention.  It was really interesting and as one would assume focused on patients, but since I have very little patient contact if any I took the course for personal benefit.  It's a skill for certain but I have been pretty open about growing up in an abusive household and being exposed to violence.  It's certainly a cause of my anxiety which I have finally gotten under control.  As usual I was a bit of the odd ball in class.  When asked what causes anxiety I said "raised voices."  I found it interesting that in the physical portion of this course the blocks were different then self-defense (which I haven't taken in a very long time) but some of the techniques were similar.  Reason being non-violent verses disabling the person.  It was a good class and I suggest it for others.

I saw The Hobbit 3 last night and loved it.  We also had a Hobbit marathon at my place last weekend complete with popcorn, wine, and me buying more vintage ponies.  I just got Baby Fifi finally.  I also purchased Baby Gusty, Baby Ribbon, Baby Sundance, and Baby Heart Throb with the last two being upgrades for the ones I already have.  It's been a fun a time.  I love buying my vintage ponies.  Hint:  I have very few adult vintage ponies.  I am working on the babies first.

Outside of this, I have been working hard and sleeping.  I haven't gotten much sewing done.  I did get my mini crossbow for Huntress.  I will be buying another toy version since I don't see bringing a real crossbow into a convention as feasible or something I want to do.

Anyway, I wanted to post an update.  I am not missing.  Just surviving, but I should be back to normal soon.

Kisses - A

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