Thursday, January 15, 2015

Headache Headache Go Away...

It's no secret that I have been plagued with persistent migraines and headaches for quite sometime now.

I have been getting ocular migraines since 2003 and migraines since 2004.  I remember both events clearly.

However, my migraines were random until I got mono back in 2011. The constant headache was one of the reasons I cut all my hair off and donated it that year. Just to get the weight off my scalp. It did help. The headaches were also a symptom of mono.

Several years later and I still have persistent headaches.  After such a long time I have noticed patterns. The headaches are worse during my cycle (fairly normal) and they are much worse in the last summer and fall.  Oddly that is when I came down with mono.

I have taken Fiorecet and BuPap, but mostly a lot of Excedrin.  I have pretty much taken Excedrin at least once a day and recently Aleve PM to go to sleep because when headaches strike at night caffeine is not what I want to be taking.

So this time around my doctor prescribed me a low dose Topamax. She described the medicine as a seizure medication and we got off topic before I asked any questions.  Thankfully the pharmacy prints out a lengthy list of information for all new prescriptions.  My doctor did mention I should take the medicine daily and at night. Well this stuff causes drowsiness among other not so nice possible side effects.  I expected a reaction similar to when I started the anxiety medication. No big deal. 

I picked it up on Monday and I promptly took the medicine that night around 6pm. I fell asleep around 7 and woke up at 11pm.  I COULD NO LONGER SLEEP.  I did not sleep for the rest of the night. I went to work Tuesday. I got through my day.  I got home. I took my med at 5 along with Zzzquil (because I was not missing another nights sleep) and slept until 8am.  The following night I had no trouble sleeping and over slept.  So yeah. I guess it does cause some drowsiness.

But my headaches....

Since I have started the Topamax I have had a few pinches, stings, and stabs here and there but nothing to warrant me running to the Excedrin bottle which has been replaced with Motrin (as suggested by the Pharmacist). I am inclined to say at this point it is certainly helping my headaches and I couldn't be more thrilled about that.

Less pain more gain?  Lol.

It's almost like those few pinches and jabs are normal headaches. The ones I used to get forever ago. Ones I can ignore because they go away.  Bliss.