Saturday, January 3, 2015

Issue: Disney Store Figurine Playsets

I decided to try a little project where I take small toys and turn them into ornaments.

More on that specifically in a later blog.

Today I purchased a 101 Dalmations Disney Store Figurine Playset.  I tend to check all painted items for errors before I purchase them.  These guys had some issues.  The paint issues are definitely fixable, but more so they appear to have a dirty product issue.  I noticed it in the store and tried to find the set with the least "problems."

I filmed my opening of the package but sadly my audio failed.  However, I think it's still a good watch.  It's hard to see the grime unfortunately.  I have wonderful lighting but the focus was not working with me on the close ups.  Sigh.

In the aftermath of this video, I did attempt to clean the toys with rubbing alcohol.  The staining did not come off.  I am inclined to believe this is an actual plastic error but I would still suggest cleaning these toys before giving them to a child.

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