Sunday, January 18, 2015

Review: 2015 NY Horror Show

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural NY Horror Show.  Having never been to a horror convention of any nature I had no idea what to expect.

I am not a horror fan.  This is not because it frightens me.  I tend to have the opposite reaction to horror then the average person.  I laugh.  However, I love American Horror Story, pretty much anything to do with witches, and ghosts (because I do believe in ghosts).

So that said when I wasn't paying attention and bumped into Freddy Kruger and he attempted to scare me, rather then scream I laughed and apologized for not paying attention.

Unlike when I mentioned WinterCon on my feed I did not get many feedback when I posted about NY Horror Show and I am lead to believe that may have to do with my audience either not being interested in horror (boring) or maybe not knowing much about a horror convention (as I did not).

I was not sure what to expect, was I about to walk into a haunted house with vendors?  Not so much.  It's really very similar to a typical comic book or toy convention but zeroed in on horror related ware.  There were some graphic novels that were with in the genre.  There were quite a few toys many of them being from older packaging, but also the horror series of Pop Vinyls.  I bought Cordelia and Misty AHS Coven Pop's from a vendor who was selling actual Surge soda!  I also picked up a Bewitched T-shirt because I have only seen on once before long ago online.

There were a lot of items based on Jaws, Alien, Predator, Resident Evil, and many others that I recognize but I can't correlate where they are from right now.  I also saw some beautiful handmade crowns and jewelry.

I was there pretty early.  We got there at 10am.  Vendors were still getting set up at that time.  around 2 we left to get food and popped back in at 4.  By 4pm the costuming that was showing up was outstanding.  I did snap a few pics, but not too many.

I really liked the venue.  The show was at the UpSky Hotel in Hauppauge, NY.  The show was spread out across the first floor of the hotel which would up including some horror setups in more public areas, which I thought was pretty unique.

One of my favorite vendors at the show was hands down Hardcore Sweet.  She had a variety of amazing cupcakes with horror themes.  Of course NOW that I am looking them up online I find out that not only did they WIN the Food Networks Cupcake Wars but they are also a vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free friendly bakery!  Of course their banner said this but clearly I was distracted by the cupcakes, because cupcakes.  I had a Voorhees Velvet Cupcake purely because it had a Fireball Whisky injector.

Other favorite vendor was Horror Show Jack, where I got fanged.  I had no plans to get fangs now or anytime in the future but I had heard about Horror Show Jack through friends that work with him and have his fangs.  I was also told all about the creation process prior to ever meeting Horror Show Jack.  It's not a full piece that is worn in the mouth.  Instead its a cap that fits perfectly over your own tooth.  They make a mold of your own teeth and then make fangs to fit based on your specifications.  I ordered subtle fangs.  In my small mouth they don't look so subtle.  Because I was there early and I ordered a simple design, mine were finished the same day.  Below is a video of me having a very hard time getting my top lip over the mold.

I had a wonderful time at NY Horror Show.  I think its a great addition to the growing amount of shows here on Long Island.  I am very much in approval of Long Island convention growth.  I look forward to going back next year.

Check out the picture in the slideshow below.  If you are on mobile and cannot view the slideshow fear not the photos are on my facebook page.

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