Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Wizard of Oz on the Big Screen and Dorothy's Costume

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing The Wizard of Oz on the big screen at my favorite movie theater.

I was so excited that I actually started tearing up at the beginning credits.  I am not kidding.  It's pretty cool to know your seeing something special like that. It was a one day showing with only two times.  The audiences was full of families with young children and little old ladies.  The majority of the audience being children.

Now as a childless adult, I normally cringe a bit at an audience full of kids. But what does one expect at 2pm on a Sunday?  However, this was either the best behaved kids audience ever or The Wizard of Oz is still that spell binding.  There was a random cry, a few expliantions at the beginning, and a lot of kid laughs but those kids were very much entertained. That movie still has it.

Being that I costumed Dorothy almost everytime she was on the screen I was checking out her wardrobe. I am very glad I went with the pattern I did.  When I made her dress I was a bit muffled that the shirt was sewn into the pinafore rather than two seperate pieces.  Seeing her on the big screen, I could tell that was not the pattern cutting corners but actually how the dress was in the movie!  I wish I had realized Dorothy's shirt was a more sheer white. She wears a slip underneath and possibly a petticoat. Also the straps of the pinafore are actually sewn to the top of the pinafore but loose to the buttons (just like the pattern).  I used the wrong buttons but that's okay.  Seeing the dress on the big screen gave me some seamstress confidence boost. Ha!  I did it right!

I do hope to replace the cloth I have in my basket with one that is more accurate.

Also, I never noticed before that the pinafore is actually too snug on Judy around the chest.  I assume this is intentional to hide her chest a bit adding to the youth of the character. I only noticed because that's how the pinafore fits me.  I didn't make it too snug but I notice it in pictures and I think it looks a bit odd but I guess not. Ha!

Anyway, if you ever get opportunity to see The Wizard of Oz in the theater do go!  It's pretty special seeing such a classic on the big screen.  I hope they do this with more classics. I will be there every weekend if they start showing Marylin films...