Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cosplay Tip: Contacts during off season

Check your contacts during convention off season.

A few weeks ago I attended NY Horror Show and I had intended on wearing my red contacts.  Tragically, the contact solution had evaporated and my contacts were nice and dry.  Not good for wearing of course, so I went with my natural eye color instead.

This evening, I decided to check all of my color contacts as I have amassed quite a few.  I found out of the seven pairs (including the newly hydrated red ones) two more had evaporated.  I think these are the contacts I brought with me to Dragon Con and have not worn since.  Travel will do that.  The change in humidity and temperature.  My coconut oil hasn't been the same since either.

So during the off season or if you haven't worn your contacts in a bit go give them a check and make sure the cases are full with solution so they are ready next time they need to change the color of your beautiful eyes.  If they are dried out, you can add solution.  They will rehydrate but definitely make sure they are comfortable next time you wear them.  If they are not comfortable, throw them out.  Of course it's best to just replace them if you can.

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