Monday, February 16, 2015

New Tech and Gaming Toys!

It's been awhile since I updated anything electronic in my home... outside of the one TV and adding a Roku.  It's been long over due for a few upgrades.

I finally went out on the hunt for a new laptop.  I had already looked at laptops and I knew what I wanted.  Of course I went and looked online to see if there was anything I liked better (or less expensive).  I knew I wanted to stick with Toshiba because not only had my previous Toshiba's served me well, but they have been recommended by IT friends of mine.

Off I went to Best Buy to make my final decision.  Now I don't normally need help in stores.  I am pretty savvy.  However, if ANY of the many employees working in the computer department offered to help me (or acknowledge me) I would have gladly accepted.  It also probably would have cut my time in half.  Instead I resorted to using my phone skills to get the info I needed.

Now the model I originally saw in Best Buy that I liked this store did not have.  Sadness.  However, they did have a cheaper model that I liked online.  Hint: I bought it.  The issue I had with the cheaper model was in the reviews while pretty much all of them were positive one person commented that the battery cannot be removed and it is not RAM upgradeable.  So I went to the Toshiba website and checked.  Sure enough the comment was dead on.  I looked underneath quite a few Toshiba's today and most of them are like this.  I am assuming this has something to do with weight and relocation for size purposes.  So I gave up my battle looking for an upgradeable laptop.

I then had two of the cheaper models I was looking at.  One was $50 cheaper then the other, but they both had the same specs outside of a different processor.  I don't really know anything about processors (this is where an employee would have been helpful).  I looked up the specs on both laptops one has bluetooth and one does not.  I bought the one with bluetooth.  I know it's old technology, but my nearly 10 year old printer has bluetooth and not wifi.  I miss being able to use it.  Two laptops ago, I had bluetooth.  Then my hard drive melted and when it was replaced the bluetooth was removed.

I am excited to have the bluetooth printing option again.

So being that my laptop was cheaper then I anticipated, I went on the hunt for a DS upgrade!  Yay!  Because the cost of the DS is exactly the difference!

Of course I started my search at Best Buy since I was there.  Sadly, the bad service continued.  I don't remember Best Buy ever being like this.  I stood there in the aisle, clearly needing help, and looked around for available employees.  Now when I had first came into the store I stopped by gaming and I was asked if I needed help, but I didn't then.  Now I did and no one was around.  I stood there like a lost puppy.  Eventually a guy rushed by saying if I needed help he would be right back.  He didn't come back for a bit.  I noticed some other employees just looking at me.  Really?  Seriously?  So I left.

All I wanted to ask was the difference between the 3DSXL models, if they had the new one, and how on earth this ask to buy at the register works.  I mean last I knew the cabinet gets unlocked, they walk it up, and I get on line to pay.  It was weird.

So I wound up walking out buying a laptop alone.  Which is awesome but it bothers me a bit that no one batted an eye to little me standing in the computer section for nearly an hour and then walking out of the section with a laptop.  That's just lazy.  I have to wonder how often people steal from them because they are clearly not paying attention.

I then set off on my 3DS search!  I went to Game Stop, Target, and Walmart.  At Target I finally got some answers.  Yay!  They were sold out but the employee suggested I buy online and have it shipped to the store.  Apparently if I was a red card holder the store shipping would be free.  I wasn't aware Target charged to have things shipped to store.  If that's the case, then why wouldn't I use Walmart where it's free.  So I went to Walmart.

Gloriously, at Walmart there was ONE red new 3DSXL.  Only one and it was MINE.  The employee that got it out for me seemed horribly sad to let it go.  He had no idea they were on sale yet.  Well I also had no idea that the new 3DSXL does not come with an AC adapter.  I was ridiculously excited and I still am, but now I get to wait until I can get a charger.

I get not including a cord with products that can be battery operated but it's pretty cruel on Nintendo's part to not include on with the DS system.  It does say the cord is not included on the box, but one can not read the box when it's locked in a cabinet or behind a counter.  I can imagine people getting these as gifts and oops no charger sorry you can't play.  However, I guess word will get out.

So far I am liking the new laptop.  Windows 8 is a bit of a trip, but I will get used to it.  I love that my cursor is not bouncing all over the place.  I am type and not have to retype or get really mad when suddenly the last paragraph deletes itself.  No that was not a virus.  That was an issue I had since I first got that laptop and its a known issue with the C655-S5409.

Well I am off to maybe finish Attack on Titan.  Tomorrow more fussing with the laptop.

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