Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What a Week!

My goodness... the last week was ridiculous and this week is truly testing me.

A blizzard, an ice storm, train issues, car problems, an insane amount of work... just a lot.

So last week we saw a blizzard which caused my job to spin out of it's typical cycle for the week.  Thankfully, it remained somewhat manageable outside of purveyors canceling and rescheduling deliveries throwing our our schedules off.  We also had a travel ban so when I woke up Tuesday I wasn't sure I was legally allowed to travel to work.  Turns out it ended at 8am.  I then found out had I not been given access to the garage I would have needed to climb out my window because the snow drift was into my door and there was no way my door would have opened if I tried.  Anyway, I got out through the garage and I got to shoveling.  Despite people telling me I wouldn't make it to work in my sedan, I did.  Late, but I made it there.

The week itself, while I can't so into details, got to intense and stressful that I nearly passed out driving home Thursday.  Rather than flopping into bed the moment I walked into the door, I decided to take a bubble bath.  Something I haven't done in a very long time.  I have a mega bottle of fragrance free Mr. Bubbles I keep around for times like these.  It was a blissful perfect moment.  There really is something to being submerged in water and focusing on breathing.

I spend the weekend in New York City relaxing!  I know some people think that sounds insane, but just getting away in itself is relaxing.  However, I do find the city relaxing when I have free days there which has become rarer and rarer.  I did a lot of walking.  I ate healthier which is somewhat natural when I am in NYC.

I went to the garment district for the first time!  Sounds completely strange right?  The garment district completely intimidates me.  However, there might be a good reason for that!  In quite a few of the fabric shops the employees watch the customers very closely and I don't doubt that its not for a good reason.  I started having an anxiety attack in one store when the employees were trailing me by 3 feet and then traded off with a very tall male employee.  I am 5'3".  At that point I asked my friend to walk with me.  I understand it's security precaution.  It's totally me having a freak out.  However, I was completely at home in the upholstery and spandex shops.

Anyway, the while the weekend was relaxing it closed with a bang starting of a fairly crappy week.  I left Manhattan around 11am on Sunday.  I was on the 11:35 train out of Jamaica Station and we were delayed.  I don't mind a delayed train.  As long as I make back to my train station I am perfectly fine.  No stress.  After a series of jumbled confused announcements, we were delayed, we were infinitely delayed, we were waiting on our status... I am just waiting to find out if I need to get off the train, onto another line, and see if someone can get me.  After an hour of confusing announcements and nothing saying we would be leaving, we took off.  Odd, but yay!

Next flop of the day... I stopped at Micheal's for some frames (I should have gone home after that) and then I stopped at Target.  I managed to lose my phone at Target.  I have NEVER lost a phone in the 15 years I have had a cell phone.  I felt so naked.  I kept thinking I must be mistaken.  I always put my phone in my coat pocket, but once in a blue I manage to put it in a different pocket or in my bag.  I thought maybe I should ask someone walking by if I can use their phone to call it.  Then I remembered they have guest services and maybe if I am lucky someone returned it there and if not maybe I can use their phone.  So I went to guest services.  They did have it.  The person not only returned it but found it with my pass-code lock time so they called the last person I had contacted and told them where my phone was.  Good people still exist.

Monday, another snowstorm which was no big deal but the ice-storm that was dangerous.  After work it took the help of two other people to get my doors open before I could get my car turned on.  It was only when I kicked the passenger-side door that they popped open.  Then my own friend stayed almost an hour helping me de-ice.  I was on the end of the parking lot so I got hit with most of the ice.  It was pretty ridiculous.  I got home and I managed to de-ice the locks around the house because I had windshield de-icer on the kitchen counter (would have helped if I had it at work).

To round out this wonderful week I am having, today I was headed to a craft night with some trapeze friends and while heading there in a lot of traffic I notice my engine is actually on HOT.  I hit my emergency lights, pull over immediately, and shut the car off to find it smoking under the hood.  Oh boy!  Turns out one there is a leak in one of my hoses literally causing antifreeze to explode across the inside of my car.  A friend of my came to my rescue bringing antifreeze and knowledge.  Tomorrow my car goes back to the mechanic to get the hose replaced.  I think she is repaying me for kicking her yesterday and I am close to suggesting I get monthly check ups at the mechanic because I feel like I am there at least once a month!

So that's my life recently.  I hope yours is much better.  I am hoping this week will be getting better.  I am planning on baking and then heading the the Philly area for a birthday this coming weekend.  Party time!

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