Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Blues

Hi Everyone!  It's been a week since my last post and I am sad to say that February has been a very unkind month for me.  It's had some great ups but the downs are really kicking me hard.

I am sad to say that it's really sent me spiraling into a quiet place.  I have had some minor spats with friends over silly things that left me feeling abused in a way.  My only recoup from that is to shut people out.  I hope to never ask anyone in my life to ever be anything other then who they are or a better version of themselves, but absolutely never devalue their emotional state.  Making a persons emotions invalid is one of the worst crimes I have been a victim of several times over and at this point I know enough to walk away.  It still doesn't feel good though, but I won't allow myself to be victimized.

So there is that.  Then this whole month I have been having serious car issues.  This weekend was overall good but filled with car fiasco's as it kept overheating.  I left work early to get things done before I had company Friday but instead I spent that time at the shop because the car over heated.  Even with a pool of antifreeze inside the car, they couldn't find the leak.  They put a new thermostat in thinking the old one wasn't opening up to do it's job and regulate the temperature in the engine.  That worked just fine until Saturday afternoon when it over heated again and I had to phone a friend to bring me antifreeze.  Then it leaked out just before I could get home.  I put the other half of the bottle in and went to the auto part store for more antifreeze.

I dropped the car off today and noted that it was leaking intermittently.  Turns out the head gasket is blown.  They had to play with the car a bit to get the anti freeze to leak because it sometimes doesn't leak.  Very odd.

So I have to get a new car which is dreadful for me.  I hate car shopping and I really love my car.  I love that car.  I take real offense when people tell me to get rid of it because it's mine and I like it.  When I saw this car on the lot, it was the one car I wanted.  It was perfect.  However, at this point I can't justify getting the head gasket fixed to have other major work need repair.  I have had her for almost 6 years now and she is close to 170,000 miles.

I did get her home.  The shop refunded me the cost of the thermostat, since it wasn't the issue in the first place.  They also topped off the antifreeze.  I got almost to my block before it overheated and I had to use the rest of the antifreeze I had in the car.  I got to my block and it started over heating again.  So I just sat there until it cooled, but when I drove the rest of the way it was fine.  It's a very weird leak.  It gushes out most of the time but sometimes it doesn't leak at all.

So I spent my night knitting.  I have a friend driving me to work tomorrow.  I am having trouble sleeping of course.  I might try reading for a little bit.  I think tomorrow when I get home I am going to try cleaning out some things from the car, because I have to do that at some point.  Meh.

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