Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Days and Sunny Skies

Despite the awful snow week we have been having, things are starting to look up and I am feeling much more myself lately.

As of Monday afternoon, I got myself into a rental 2013 Kia Rio.  It's red and, other then it not being nearly s great as my Forenza in the snow, I really like it.  I think it's the being in a red car.  It took me a good day to figure out where things were.  The seat was very low and I had no idea if it could be raised or not, so for the first day I was sitting low and could barely see my blind spot.  I felt like I was driving like a blind person.  The shifter is also a bit different where putting it in drive if you move it to the left you go into 1st or 2nd gear.  I left the Post Office and I am looking at the RPM's wondering why it's so high.  Turns out I was in gear 2.  I figured it out.  Stay right.  The car also may have a bit of an alignment issue.  It seems to like to slide right every now and then.  Regardless, while it's expensive, I am much more happy to have a vehicle to get around in.

I am still not sure what I am doing with my Forenza.  It's hanging out not being used at the moment.

Today, after calling the Credit Union (I have been waiting to hear from them), I found out I got approved for a vehicle loan!  So I get to start car shopping and looking around.

A lot of extra stress has been removed and it's definitely improved my mood.  That and maybe my B12 shot I took on the 1st.  I don't know.

I have to get back to getting ready for tomorrows Big Apple Comic Con! See you there!  I am not cosplaying but I will be wandering around checking things out.

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