Monday, April 20, 2015

Oh Where Oh Where has Ally Been?

Since Saint Baldricks, the word busy does not describe what my life has been.  Sadly, that has left no blogging time as it's left little to no sleeping time either.

The week following the event, I went to a food show that was absolutely amazing but I managed to catch a wicked cold.  The food show was on a Tuesday.  Thursday night I felt off and I couldn't sleep. Friday evening I was full blown sick. Saturday I could barely get out of bed. I had a fever. I nearly passed out attempting to make food and it was only a PB & J. I spent all day in bed completely frustrated because I needed to be working on my Huntress costume. 

Sunday, my fever broke so I went to my friends for Easter and I did manage to get some of Huntress worked on. From then out it's been basically: work, go home, sew until much too late, sleep a few hours, and repeat. I have been completely out of touch with friends trying to get this costume finished.

Sew, sew, sew...

I don't normally sew Monday through Thursday evenings because it tends to keep me up too late and then I wind up late for work which is happening.  I have very precise rules I have to set for myself to stay healthy and in good standing but I have had to ignore them and I am very much feeling the effects.

Huntress is close to being done though.  Very very close. She will not be 100% finished for C2E2 sadly but I can't do anymore then I have been.