Sunday, May 10, 2015

Costuming Groups & Updates

A few nights ago I went through my "groups" section of Facebook and filtered it all down.

Over the last few years, people have added me to so many costuming and fan groups on Facebook that for the most part I wind up shutting off the notifications and then I miss out on the ones I should be seeing, for example the recent C2E2 Spiderverse group.  If you have so many notifications going on it's easy to miss the ones you need to see.

I have witnessed some people get very emotional about being added to groups with out being asked prior (I assume because the notifications can blow up your phone), and I chose to take being added as a compliment but sometimes a girl just has to clean out the closet.

It was interesting seeing the things my friends had added me to over the years and I never really noticed.  I removed all of the 3D Mascara parties because it's a product I will never purchase.  Sorry ladies, but I think false lashes look better on you then this stuff and I will leave it at that.  I actually have fairly thick long curled lashes so two coats of Big Fatty Urban Decay will give me more then I need on the eye lash front.  I left the Jamberry parties alone.  I removed Fantasy costuming groups because I don't do that kind of costuming.  I removed Renaissance costuming groups because again, I do not do that type of costuming.  I had four Masters of the Universe groups and I removed one because I don't interact with them.  Then I took out old smaller costuming groups like Cirque du Gotham which was from 2012 or so and is very much done.

Did you know you can favorite groups?

Oddly enough I have had some groups I have almost left in the past because I saw things with in the groups I didn't approve of and therefor did not want to be apart of.  One of these groups is a Disney Cosplay group.  A lot of costumers know this group.  When I joined I found it to be a bit pretentious and maybe not for me.  However, over the last year, I have found this group to be pretty wonderful and while its still flawed I learn a lot from these costumers.  Today, I learned about a new wig site that many of the women their prefer and when I went on it my jaw dropped at how gorgeous the blends are.  I know for a fact that my next wig will be coming from Wig is Fashion.  They have become one of my favorite groups.  I love seeing the amazing work posted there and the amazing solutions.

I almost left a women's group I am a part of because of some misunderstandings but I spoke with one of the admin about it.  She was able to talk to me and not let emotions control her and I actually did see a different side because some other things were going on that I was not aware of.

I recently stepped down from admin of NYCPN because I just have too much going on to be a part of planning and I am really not in a position to be involved enough.  However, I have no plans to leave them at this time.

That's my note of the day.  Kind of boring huh?  I have been spending this weekend and last weekend doing NOTHING!  Okay, so I posted a bunch of listings on eBay and I played a lot of Mario Bros 2, Yoshi's Island, and Super Mario 3D Land (super fun once you get used to it).  I have gamed so hard my palms hurt.  No joke.

Next weekend is the NYC Dance Parade!  So I will be in the city for that.  I am excited.  I am hoping the mood is good because I am very susceptible to moods around me. 

Costumingwise, Mockingbird is finished.  I have a few small things left for Huntress (never ending).  I do need to make Zarina's wings and belt.  I am being lazy on working on those wings.  I started picking up supplies for Stormer from Jem (Jem Con) and Vampire Jubilee (possibly NYCC).  I also picked up supplies to make Black Widows bodysuit my previous one was a dancesuit.  I found a brass 22" zipper with a brass ring pull so I won't be breaking and fixing zipper pulls!  Just thinking about all of this makes me tired.  Ha!

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