Saturday, May 2, 2015

Free Comic Book Day

It's that amazing time of the year!  The first Saturday of the month!  Free Comic Book Day!

Sadly, I will not be attending any events this year.  I am worn out from too much traveling and crafting the last few months.  I have pretty much known I wouldn't be able to attend but I didn't actually make the definitive decision until after I made it home from Chicago.  I mean, I have been crafting non-stop, I was sick, I went to the Poconos, and then Chicago.  I need time off.  All my dates are off I keep thinking I am either a day ahead or behind.

Anyway, I do hope those in the area make it out to Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ for Free Comic Book Day.  The event starts at 11am!  They should have some pretty great cosplayers there, the Flemington Fire Truck, and possibly the Batmobile!  I think I heard rumor of a 50/50 raffle happening as well.

I am really sad to miss my friends but really excited to relax.  I do hope to see some fantastic pictures.  Hint hint....

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