Wednesday, May 13, 2015

NYCC Tickets

Did you manage to get yours today?

Tickets went on sale today at 12 Eastern Standard Time and I was home so I joined in with my friends on trying to get tickets.

It's pretty impressive to think how much the ticketing has changed over the years and how much the demand has changed.  It wasn't very long ago that you could purchase a 3 day ticket just before the mailing date.  I remember when you could buy tickets the day of the show and the show has yet to hit it's 10 year anniversary.  In 2012 I bought a 4 or 3 (I am not breaking out the actual badges) day pass online only days before the mailing date.  I had actually gone to my comic book shop to find 4 days were only available online.  In 2013, I got online and bought my pass at 12pm with no issue.  Last year I decided to only attend on Thursday and I was able to log on at 12:20 and buy my one ticket.  I remember the time because I was very surprised to see so many sold out tickets already.   At that time I had gone 6 years in a row and NEVER seen tickets sell out so quickly.

This year the game was on.  The NYCC Hunger Games happened.  Before I talk about the queue, I was able to secure a VIP ticket.  I almost went 4 day but changed my mind because the odds are high that this may be my last NYCC with more then one day for a long time.  So lets go all out and not deal with lines.  I really just don't like the lines to get in.  I am very excited about my VIP and I was able to get three friends tickets as well because that's how you play the game.  You use the buddy system.

Anyway, I was on the NYCC website on both my phone and my laptop.  This was new for me.  I was home sick today and normally I would be on break from work just using my mobile.  I have always bought my tickets through my phone.  I just have.  So I am on and refreshing waiting for the queue to start.  Twelve o'clock hits and I refresh.  I notice my phone kicks over to the queue immediately but my laptop takes a minute or two.  My phone did time out once but by about 12:15pm I got in (and my laptop was still on queue).

Once I got in to the ticketing, the ticketing nightmare began.  At that time I was buying a ticket for myself and one friend.  So I added my VIP and one 4 day.  I clicked continue.  I got an error message that one bundle was an error.  It looked like the VIP had sold out.  Poop.  I then changed the order to two 4 days and clicked continue.  On the next page I selected standard shipping and paypal as my method of payment and then continue.  The site then bugged out and bounced me back to the same page.  So I entered the same information and clicked continue.  Once again it bugged out and bounced me back, but THIS time when it bounced me back my order was no longer two 4 days but my original VIP and one 4 day.  I wasn't about to attest that so I enter the same information once again and click continue.  This time is went through but logging into paypal bugged out once.  I then got through the questions page, the shipping page, and I was good.

I come to find out my other friend had also been trying to get in so my laptop was still in queue.  I left it there.  It took MUCH longer for anything to happen on my laptop other then lots of timeouts.  While I waited I had a lot of fun chatting with friends about buying tickets.  It was pretty cool to be home and on this side of the world for a change.

So this is the part where anyone that couldn't get a ticket might get upset.  My laptop had been on queue since 12:00 and around 1:00pm I got in.  So I got in on my phone early and then I got in again on my laptop.  What I found interesting off the bat was the only ticket sold out at that time was the $500 VIP (not the one I got because nope).  This was in contrast to what was being reported all over Facebook.  I am inclined to think the tickets could have been being released in batches instead of all at once or it was a matter of the servers crashing and peoples orders being timed out putting their tickets back into inventory.  Fun times there.

So I got back in.  I now needed a 4 day and a 3 day.  I add them to my cart and click continue.  As expected the site times out.  I refresh and start over.  I did this about three times before I finally got to the next page.  The next page where on the laptop is was the questions.  The questions page crashed on me an exorbitant amount of times.  Over and over and over.  I finally started making up answers and then it finally went through.  The second set of tickets I was planning on having shipped directly to my friend.  However, once I got through Paypal (and thank goodness I did paypal because putting my credit card info in would have taken much too long) I had only 45 seconds to enter the billing and mailing address for the final sale.  The timeouts took so much time that I was left with 45 seconds.  Well guess what, we are hanging out in September or I am giving them to my friends the day of because that is not enough time to enter any address other then my own.

I am really happy I was able to get tickets for myself and three friends.  I wish I could have bank rolled more but I couldn't financially.  Its a weird spot to be able to help out a few but not everyone.  I wish I could have bought more.  Next year, will be very interesting.

I am hearing about a lot of people that were not able to get them and I hope they can get a ticket at Special Edition: NYC in June or at Midtown Comics over the summer.

Man, they had a note about how it was unlikely error pages would occur because they have so many great servers.  I have to wonder how many servers they were using. I am curious how many servers the NYCC ticket sales crashed.

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