Sunday, June 7, 2015

Makeup Remover and Sensitive Skin

I have super sensitive skin. Annoyingly so. I can't use normal fabric softener because the fragrance makes my skin itch.  So face products, make up, and make up removers have always been challenging for me.

I found years ago that my skin behaved a lot better when I stoped buying into typical marketed products that are targeted at breakout prone sensitive skin people like me.  One day it dawned on me that maybe it's not that I am using the wrong deep clean cleanser, maybe it's the actual chemicals irritating my skin. Makes sense right?

I went to a dermatologist to hopefully find out if I had any particular skin allergies causing the breakouts. He insisted on putting me on medication that made me horribly ill. So I gave up on my dermatologist.  I intend to investigate this again with a different dermatologist since cardboard makes me itch which I am sure is the dust, but clearly there is an allergy of some nature.

Since becoming a vegetarian, my skin is much more behaved. They do say the skin is a very clear reflection of what you put into your body but I do still have reactions and break out.

I learned a few years ago to stick with Noncomedogenic face lotions, sunscreens, foundations, and powders. It's supposed to be better for your skin and not clog pores, but I really am not sure exactly what that term means.  However, I only wear foundation and powder for conventions and shoots. I don't wear anything on my skin normally.

In the last few years coconut oil has become a huge thing. It's been a miracle moisturizer for my face.  It's natural, does the job, and won't make me break out.  No chemicals!  Thankfully, I am not allergic to coconut.

So the makeup remover portion:
Years ago I had started using straight up olive oil to remove makeup. I put it in a small bottle and kept it in the bathroom. It did the job and it didn't cause my skin to react but I didn't like how slimy my face felt afterward. It also moisturizes but it takes a little longer to dry and I wasn't fond of my face smelling like olive oil.

Fast forward to now and I find that coconut oil removes make up. So I use that over olive oil these days but not on my eyes!

Last fall I went to the eye doctor and he noticed that the oil glands in my eyes are over active. They produce extra oil which causes my eyes to get itchy and then I rub my eyes which apparently leads to retina detachment which I am a candidate for. Oh goody!

He suggested taking a drop or two of baby shampoo, mixing it with warm water, and running a cotton ball over my eye lashes at night.  I honestly do not do this every night like I should. However, not only does this help with the oil production but it is pretty amazing at removing eye makeup.  Because it's baby shampoo it's safe to get in your eyes and it leaves my lashes super soft.

My current skin care products include:
Wild Bath Wash & Scrub (natural fragrance)
Que Bella Clarifying Peel Off Mask
Raw Coconut Butter
Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo

Some awesome natural facewashes... Homemade sugar scrubs (which I have not tried) and, my favorite, a honey mask.

I used to use the honey mask all the time.   It's just pure honey on your face. Imagine taking a bath and soaking with honey on your face. The darker the honey the better. If you can get your paws on Buckwheat honey that is the best for this. I have mine in a travel shampoo bottle.  You can also dissolve aspirin (and only non coated aspirin) and then add it to the honey and make it a scrub.  I am sure you can add sugar also but I have always added aspirin because it's good for the skin.

And I am off to wash my face!