Sunday, June 14, 2015

Review: My Little Pony Pinkie Pie's Party - DS

At Eternal Con this weekend I picked up the My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie's Party DS game. This is not a new game. This is an old game. This is a game I have looked to pick up in the past and at one point had on my Amazon list but I was apprehensive.

When I got home Saturday night I popped the game into my old DS lite. Oh boy....

This game is from 2008 and graphically it's not up to par.  The game itself is based on Pinkie Pie strolling through town searching for her 20 presents and Sweetie Belle's 12 puzzle pieces.  That's the ENTIRE GAME.

The puzzle pieces stand out. The presents do also but about half of them you need to win by playing mini games.  However, because it's mlp you can't loose the mini games so no matter what you always win the present.

Once you have collected the presents which takes an hour tops. This is slowed by the pace at which Pinkie Pie walks. You then head back to the party area to put the puzzle pieces together. I was horrified that the second I finished the puzzle the credits rolled. Horrified.

Now I can return and open Pinkie Pies presents and "play" with them. Errrr. Okay. Weird.

This game is an excuse to make money from the gaming genre but it really puts a deep notch in the MLP line.  Had I picked this up back in 2008 for full price I would have been horribly upset.  However, I picked it up used for $5. So while I think the game is horribly lacking it's still a sweet piece to have in my pony collection.