Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Veggie 2nd Year Anniversary!

Two years ago today I became a vegetarian.

Now I do eat fish and eggs. I know there is a specific title for that classification of vegetarian but I am not about those kinds of details.  In the end it's just a classification really.

I eat fish and egg whites solely for the protein.  I could eat a vat of beans and chia seeds and be happy but 2 hard boiled egg whites are more my speed.

I took a strange road becoming a veggie where I didn't cut myself off immediately and I allowed myself to have meat if I really wanted it.  I always thought chicken would be the hardest to give up but I found eating chicken was more out of habit then actual desire.  The hardest thing to give up was specifically Wendy's burgers.  However, when Wendy's had the Cod Filet during Lent it got me over the hump I needed to drop the burgers.  Then of course I had my annual Nathan's Corn Dog at last years Mermaid Parade but this year (if I make it) I will not be indulging in a corn dog.  I am actually fearful of it upsetting my stomach at this point.

In the beginning I vowed to not be obnoxious about meat products like chicken and beef base but being that I work in food I am hyper aware of these things.  Two years later, I now find myself checking labels for chicken stock in rice mixes mostly.  Any packaged soup is pretty much out for me as they are not only all based in chicken or beef stock but really high in sodium and sugar.  Take a look at them and be amazed at the amount of HFCS is in your canned soup.

Two years later, I now look forward to making my own lunches for the work week every Sunday.  Currently, I bring bananas, hard boiled eggs, and applesauce for breakfast. Strawberries (or another fruit) for a snack.  Lunch is either a pasta dish with veggies or fish/veggie burger with rice and veggies. I have it dish to a science.  I also make my own perfect oatmeal cups and sometimes I get on a yogurt kick.

So I am eating a lot healthier since becoming a veggie also. Sadly I still consume way too much sugar so it's hasn't really helped in the waistline but I am planning a sugar detox soon!  My plan is to get all the sugary stuff out of the house by eating it first because I am not about to throw it out. Nope. No throwing money away. 

Oh I should note that since becoming a veggie my skin has been behaving very nicely.  I am not sure if it's the increase in fish or the decrease in meat/poultry but something is working for me.

It's so interesting to look back and see real changes I made to my diet.  Right now I am obsessed with Polar Seltzer and two years ago I would have gagged at the thought of that. Though I have gotten others addicted as well..... It's good stuff. Everyone should try it. It has no sodium!!!!

Even the thought of a sugar detox would have sounded insane to me two years ago but I know I can do it.

I am a self admitted sugar addict. I know it's a problem but I am very aware of where it is coming from.  People who point it out to me and drink their 2% milk with cookies I know do not.  I say that because THEY ADD SUGAR TO THE MILK. Oh and there is sugar in your bread and added sugar in the peanut butter... Added sugar in your soup...

I have always been more interested in whole foods and real foods over anything chemical.  I have reactions to fake sugar so diet sodas are a no go for me.  But when I did drink milk I had no idea anything reduced far had added sugar. I still wouldn't drink whole milk if I could only because it's too thick.  However, I never eat reduced fat anything because when something is taken out something is put in. Normally that is sodium or sugar. Fat is not your enemy. Fat actually makes you feel full, gives food flavor, and stops you from over eating. Once it's removed they have to find something to add flavor but doesn't have the same properties.

I am around tons of Dieticians all day long. I learn a lot but I HIGHLY suggest watching Fed Up. It's so good.  I learned a lot.

I am rambling. :)