Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Tonight, I saw the semi anticipated Ant-Man!

Ant-Man was not a movie I was expecting much from. The trailers didn't really sell it but I knew I wanted to check it out anyway.  I am also acutely aware of how many films are much more spectacular on the big screen.  That said I didn't want to wait for a RedBox rental.

I loved Ant-Man.  I loved it.

Now I do not know much about Ant-Man. So the entire movie could be all comic book lies and nonsense but I was really into the film from start to finish.

I enjoyed that both Pym and Scott were in the film. Something I could have researched and known was happening but I like to leave movies as surprised if I can.  I enjoyed the nod to Wasp.

Hope was an excellent character and I was ecstatic seeing her suit at the end.  I can't wait to see all the cosplayers make that outfit!  More importantly I can't wait to see Hope in the suit!

I love the Falcon. He was a great surprise.  The fight scene was cute. A tad silly but cute.  The final credit scene was pretty sweet!

But hey guess what, I fully expected this film to be a flop. It's so not. It's also very much worth seeing in the theater.  I skipped the 3D on this one but the artistry and effects that went into many of the scenes really shine on the big screen.  Seeing the leap from normal to small and back was intense not to mention blowing up the surroundings.

My only real quip was the lack of consequences at the end. I mean okay Scott has his charges dropped by his exwife's new husband, but what about the break in at Pym Corp?  What about how Pym Corp blew up and vanished?  There was also no mention of his exwifes house being repaired, other then the comment of their being a hole in the wall.  The tie up at the end seemed to be cut a tad short. At the very least, there could have been an article in a paper someone was reading about the vanishing building being investigated or having it commented on TV while they were eating at the end.

Anyway, I liked it a lot. I liked it a whole lot more then Jurassic World (I said it).  It's definitely worth seeing. 

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