Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fixing Migraines

About a month ago I had a pretty awful migraine attack that lasted two weeks!  After a week of popping Excedrin, I was desperate for any other solution.

I posted on my personal Facebook profile asking how my friends handle their migraines and headaches.  I also went to my local Whole Foods to do some research and was derailed by a know-it-all employee.

Suggestions from Facebook: cold compress, Goody's Powder, and Vicks Vapor Rub.

Suggestions from Whole Foods Employee: Belladonna, and Butterbur.

Actual use
  • I did not try the cold compress because while I think it can definitely work for me because my head ALWAYS feels hot, I don't think it would be helpful at the times I need it.  Mainly at work.  I can't really strap a cold compress to my head at the desk.
    • Although, I have been known to purchase a Pepsi can just to hold it on my face.
  • The Goody's powder worked miracles over the weekend, but one day into work I was downing powders like they were candy and they stopped working for me.  
    • Bonus: it comes in orange and it's sweetened with Splenda so can actually have it.
  • The Vicks is similar to peppermint oil.  I know peppermint oil does not work for me but I thought, eh, maybe because it's thicker the scent will last longer?  It didn't.  I just felt slimy.
  • The belladonna did nothing for me at all.  I returned it.  After researching I found out Belladonna is not a known homeopathic migraine remedy.
  • I did not purchase the Butterbur.  After researching, I learned that butterbur is a preventative homeopathic migraine remedy.  It is not helpful during an attack except for those a few people that will take it in high doses which I am to scared to do, because I like my liver functioning.

Reason 249 Why I don't like letting employees help me.  I do my own research.  However, if I am looking for something specific and I can't find it then I will totally ask for help.  Yup.

Anyway, while researching homeopathic remedies I was reminded of what I WAS looking for at Whole Foods and some other things to try.  Funny enough, I had seen the product I wanted on the shelf but I felt blocked from buying as it had not been recommended to me, but it seems to have helped during the end of that migraine attack.  The product is Feverfew.  What I do not like is that is needs to be taken three times a day, but oh well.

In the last week I started taking Fish Oil supplements again.  I only take 450mg a day, it's a small dose but omega-3's are good for migraine sufferers.  I also purchased Peppermint tea, because while peppermint oil does nothing for me I am still desperate for relief.  I intend to start toying with my diet.  Possibly seeing if I have any food triggers.

I have a strong feeling that what triggered my massive attack last month was cookies that I made.  Sadly, I made pudding cookies that are made from instant pudding mixes.  I cannot tell you how easy it is to grab sugar free by mistake because I did it then and I did it again since.  I know at least one of the batches I made was with a SF pudding mix and it was the one I was munching on more because it was the cheesecake one with peanut butter.  I get very ill from artificial sugar.  Normally, if I am given a diet beverage by mistake I will get woozy and nauseous but it's not off base for eating a decent amount to trigger a massive migraine.  I learned this about 10 years ago from drinking peach tea Crystal Lite On-The-Go packets, which is really sad because I like them so much.

Yesterday, I was feeling great all day and then I had a Vanilla Cinnamon tea with honey and a sticky bun.  I have a feeling the pastry set off a migraine. I can't imagine it was the tea unless its a particular herb in it, but I used to eat these delicious (and unhealthy) chocolate chip bakery cookies and they used to make me feel the same way.  If I have to avoid pastries it's not the end of the world, but I will figure this out and I will do so without giving up bananas because I was told bananas can be a trigger, but I need bananas in my life...

I am aiming to do a more intense post on homeopathic remedies and food triggers.  We shall see.  The information is out there.  It's just not complied together.

Do you have a remedy?  Let me know in the comments.

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