Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Long Day with a Sweet Ending

A sweet ending to a rather tricky day.

Today was not a bad but more of one full of anxiousness as I had an important medical appointment. So pretty much all day I was watching the clock to make sure I was working on time and ready to leave exactly when I needed to because the office was not close by.

It's also horribly hot and gross outside today.  To top it off the AC in my car does not work. Yay!  Isn't it the best when it's gross outside, you don't have AC, and somewhere important to be?  Oh yes. Those are the best days!

Anyway, I chose to be smart in my attire and wear capris with a sleeveless shirt in hopes I wouldn't be too awful looking at the doctors.  Apparently seeing my calves equals looking extra nice and interview ready.  Not the case but maybe I frightened some people. Ha!

So amid all this I start getting troll messages on my Facebook page. Today of all days. The day I really can't handle the extra emotions.  I think I handled it pretty well.

Here is the thing. I have a Facebook PAGE and a personal PROFILE.  My page is public, but my profile is not.  On my profile, I limit who I allow on there to family, actual friends, and close work friends (some I don't add).  I am picky with who I really let on there. The PAGE is public.  The page cannot be friended and while I have the time I try pretty hard to chat with everyone through commenting on posts I make on the page be it statuses, photos, or links.  If anything, I will go through and like the comment as an acknowledgement but even then sometimes it's a comment I just can't like.

So that happened.

I get through my appointment which was conveniently located down the block from my comic book shop!  So to end today on a high note I finally picked up my very own copy of Jem #4, Pop Vinyl Rachel Duncan (regular), and Pop Vinyl Felix!  My Orphan Black Pop Vinyls are currently complete. I do wish they had been produced differently.  Why not Wave 1: Sarah, Mrs S, Kera, Felix, Paul and Kera's Dad (I am drawing a blank at his name right now)?  Wave 2: Allison, Donnie, Vinnie, etc

Also on my way home I stopped to treat myself to a McDonalds Vanilla Shake which I am sure my lactose intolerant self will pay for but it was pretty perfect for long drive home in the heat with no AC.   I even remembered to ask for no whip cream.