Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Recent Obsession with Sewing Machine Feet

Granted when I started costuming five years ago my sewing skills were very rusty but it's only been very recently that an entire new world of solutions and possibilities have opened up by realizing there are more presser feet then the basic ones with the sewing machine.

Some of the basic feet that came with my machine I never touch. The button, button hole, blind hem, and monogram never get used.  I only recently fell in love with my overcast foot.  So much so that I broke it!  Nooooooo!

I have mastered all of the basic feet with the exception of the blind hem because my eyes cannot get past the diagram.  I get it but it's the craziest looking illustration and the second I understand it I get confused again.  That's okay. I don't need blind hems right now.

It's only been very recently that I purchased a concealed zipper foot. It's pretty amazing at getting invisible zippers in perfectly but I find I cannot sew fast or the coil shifts but that could be the foot I purchased. Perhaps the grooves are not deep enough.

Overcast, Wide Hemmer, and Piping

I had also purchased a narrow hemmer foot. I also became quite frustrated with it deciding I would pick up a wide hemmer foot and work with that first (I just got it).  Basically, this foot creates a rolled hem on the edge of the fabric. There is a coil in the foot that causes the seam allowance to turn twice prior to being sewn.  This encases the raw edge inside the hem.

I just got a piping foot. This is for getting nice and close to cording and piping on projects.  I picked this one up specifically for Jubilee. I am fully intending to create her body suit with the cording in the princess seams.  Yup.

I am ready to purchase my clear open toe foot (for appliqué), bias binding foot, and felling foot. I can't wait to try these all out!

And my mild OCD kicked in today, I picked up a photo box and some small bags.  I grabbed my labeler and now all my sewing machine feet are quite organized.  Fancy schmancy!