Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review: Wig is Fashion

I just picked up my Wig is Fashion wig from the Post Office today. Finally!

This wig is for my Jem cosplay.  It's super long, the perfect pink, and heat resistant. However, I am not so thrilled with the bang area of the wig cap. I am not exactly sure if it's the fibers or how it's sewn into the cap but it feels thin and similar to the quality of wigs at Party City (those however are not hear resistant).

This is what I ordered.

When I research I tend to save lots of screencaps.

Yes I know a $20 wig, I have no right to comment on the bang area.  Anyway, this is what the wig looks like.

Other then the bang area (which could also just be my weird forehead), the wig is pretty stunning.  I love the curls!  They are so gorgeous. Sadly, those curls will be getting straightened. Sigh. Jem does not have curly hair.  I may try straightening it and washing it to see if I get some bounce back after a wash.  This happened to my Black Widow wig.

It's long. It's a pretty pink. I am very happy. Stay tuned for styling.... I have no idea what I will do with those bangs. I will make something work though. Ha!