Thursday, July 16, 2015

Slave Leia Toy Story

Amidst all this Slave Leia toy drama, I started doing some sniffing around for previous Slave Leia action figures.

It's certainly an interesting time where toys are been censored and even banned.  Some are banned for good reasons and some for the wrong reasons depending on where you stand on the issue.  Do I think Breaking Bad toys should have been pulled from Toys R Us? Nope. Why? Because a young child should have no idea what Breaking Bad is unless you are exposing them to it. Yup.

Anyway, the new hub bub is about Slave Leia. An ill informed father is outraged by the toy.  I am not surprised. I am more surprised it's taken this long.  Do I think anyone should be quite so upset?  Nope. However, I have even posted about only seeing Slave Leia in stores and tons of them.  In mass quantities it's disturbing.

I have toy hunted for so many years that I know very well how toys are ordered and shipped. One question that was raised asked why are the stores ordering Slave Leia?  The answer is that they most likely are not ordering a case of Slave Leia.  Toys are typical shipped in mixed cases.  For this series, a store may order 1 case of Star Wars Black Line Wave 6.  The case will have a standard amount of each character in the line.  The toy stores are just ordering Star Wars toys.  Hasbro could have short packed the cases with the Slave Leias. Had they done that, the Leias might have been long sold out and this may have never come up.  Slave Leia has been on the shelves for over a year now.

The other question being raised is the age rating. While I completely understand that parents do not see Slave Leia as an appropriate toy for ages 4 and up (trust me I wouldn't buy her for my kids either), toys are not age rated the same way video games and board games are.  Games are rated for age appropriateness due to graphics and concepts.  Toys on the other hand are generally age rated for choking hazards.  So while Slave Leia is part of an adult targeted line a child 4 and up could play with her if that parent finds it appropriate because it's up to you to decide what is best for your children. 

I did a bit of toy research. I was curious how long we have had Slave Leia toys before suddenly it became a problem.  The earliest Slave Leia toy I could find was from 1997.  I checked the vintage 70's and 80's lines under Slave Leia, Princess Leia, Star Wars Leia, and even Jabba the Hutt.  I found nothing.  Funny enough, I did find the Jabba the Hutt throne set smoking his pipe and everything, but no Slave Leia. Unless she is exceptionally rare, I am under the impression that her action figure was created due to collector demand which further solidifies that Hasbro should have short shipped the somewhat current Slave Leias.

Take a look at all the beautiful Slave Leias...
1997 she doesn't have the chain on her neck but the chain next to her looks like it clips on.

1998 this doll has the chain on the neck.

1998 the deluxe doll comes with R2D2, no chain that I can see, but her skirt is completely transparent! 

2013 vintage packaging. Too bad this toy never existed in the 70/80's...

2004 no lie. I like this one.

2009 This one creeps me out... The split body...

2014 honestly my only issue with this toy is her face. It's an awful sculpt.

Bottom line, it's up to you what you buy for your children.  Banning Slave Leia (or whatever her future may be) will surely hurt the Star Wars toy market. Although briefly.