Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Excellent Weekend

Lately by time the weekend rolls around I am so overworked and exhausted that the idea of doing anything more then hibernating with Netflix and minimal food makes me start panicking. However, this weekend was different.

I wound up spending Friday night sewing an apron together from a really bad printed fabric I bought at Walmart a good 5 years ago.  It was one where all pattern pieces were printed directly onto the fabric.  The lines were incredibly off on it so I fixed it where I could. I also tested my wide hemmer foot on it. I won't pretend it didn't come out like a beginner project but it was my first time with the hemmer foot.  It will still take some getting used to, especially on curves.

Part of taking a break from costuming and getting my life more in order has started with starting a semi in depth cleaning schedule for my apartment that is worked around remaining shows and leaves my Tuesday movie nights free.

So each afternoon last week I knocked a small thing off at a starting point. I think between this and getting smaller projects done it's actually making me feel a lot better in general.

For the first time in months I woke up with energy and I didn't want to hide in bed.  I tackled cleaning the fridge, microwave, and the glass on my car this weekend. Though cleaning the car glass was tricky as it cooked the second I put the cleaner on.

I spent a good portion of Saturday working on Jem getting her applique and color blocking together.  Color blocking on curves sucks.

Sunday I also woke up with a decent amount of energy except I did want to veg out but I also wanted to do things.
I wound up putting the Jem dress together.

I felt so good this weekend and energized I actually forgot to take my B12 shot!  B12 helps fight fatigue!

As of today I finished a book and did some deep cleaning to my stove, oven, and sink.

I haven't been dirty.  Let's clarify.  My version of cleaning is hardcore but it's feeling really good to get these things done. I am looking forward to off time and possibly getting back into photography (nature).

I might have even found the perfect boots for Jubilee today.... Oh man...