Monday, September 14, 2015

My Little Pony Cataloging

Shoping at RetroCon and meeting a fellow vintage My Little Pony collector inspired me to get more savvy with my pony collection.

One of the reasons I didn't buy more ponies at RetroCon was that I couldn't remember what I already owned!

I do have sort of a system. I have a system that used to work for me, but considering I rarely shop for ponies using my laptop it's no longer a useful system. Essentially my vintage collection focuses on the G1 baby ponies but it's now expanding into adults, flutter ponies, and G2.  I also have a few of G3 that I have picked up from the thrift store.

I have a document listing the G1 baby ponies by year and collection like so:

1984: (Original Baby Ponies)
Baby Firefly
Baby Suprise
Baby Glory
Baby Moondancer
Baby Cotton Candy
Baby Blossom

I bold them as I purchase them.

This will never work for me on to go.  Nor does it work for me when I online shop now since I shop mostly via eBay moblie for ponies.

My solution?

Photo catalog.

That's right.  Photo cataloging.

My plan is to finally clean out my drop box and place a picture of each pony I have on hand in the Dropbox. Of course this will involve folders of mass organization and fine photo labeling.  This way when I am out looking, I can easily flip through photos (that are not clogging up space on my phone) and see if I have it or not.

I am so excited about this it pulled me out of my after convention funk.  So far from the G1, G2, and G3 ponies that I have here at home 82 ponies have been photographed. I have to snap the ponies in storage now.  I have G3.5 & G4 in storage.  I may liquidate the G4 ponies.  Not all of course.

I have cleaned out my Dropbox. I also spent sometime editing and uploading the photos until my Dropbox pretty much said no more on my file moves.

Right now a basic file path follows this:

My Little Pony Catalog > G1 > Year 3 - 1984 > Original Baby Ponies - Complete

Lots of folders. Lots of organization.

This is what it looks like.

My extremely limited G2 ponies. I bought them in a lot to get the Sky Shimmer because they are a funny looking bunch.

And on landscape I can see the full file names.

And I can also just look through them this way.  Oh flutter ponies!  

Hopefully, I will be able to get to the other half in storage photographed soon.  I had planned to do so today but I have been bed ridden with a migraine. Sigh. At least I feel functional now.