Monday, September 21, 2015

Ocular Migraines

It's been a full year since my last ocular migraine and after a brain MRI with contrast, dental work, vision check, a look at my optical nerves, and medication I am no more closer to an answer then I was a year ago.

Instead I am more or less waiting for the next attack.  They appear to happen yearly. In 2013, it happened in August at the NY Ren Faire. Last year, at a wedding and I lost consciousness which was a new fun piece.

I just sit here and wait. To think all those times I had hot flashes growing up they were precursors to this nonsense. Sigh.  At least it's once a year.

I was also checked for hypoglycemia as well. I happen to have a great NP who will help me pursue these questions.

Ocular migraine is a scary type of headache that doesn't typically involve pain. For me I get unusually warm and clamy.  I then get woozy.  I usually attempt to get cold. To try to fight it off but normally fail. I then loose my sight completely in both eyes. It fades into static to complete black and returns in static with black, blue, and white.  I then tend to get sick. Once I get sick it's like nothing happened at all. I am absolutely fine afterwards.  The last time I passed out just before loosing my vision.