Wednesday, October 28, 2015

First Thoughts Disney Infinity 3.0

As you know, I splurged over the weekend and treated myself to the Disney Infinity 3.0 starter pack this past weekend.  Last night, I finally started to mess around with it.

This splurge purchase turned out to be a very good thing as I had a rather emotional night last night and Disney Infinity (with a box of tissues) was the perfect solution for taking my mind off of things.

Anyway, you might remember last year I picked up 2.0 rather quickly. I was all about test running the Marvel Playsets but let's not pretend 2.0 didn't come with disappointments like no Classic Disney Playsets. While I did purchase a few of the figures, I am still a tad confused as to why they were even released?  Unlike 1.0, 2.0 did not have toy box challenge games that level the characters up.

I did not rush out for 3.0 both because I was saving for conventions (NYCC, RetroCon, and JemCon) and I am a bit jaded by Star Wars right now.  Currently with the extremely early movie promotion and products flooding the market I am oversaturated with Star Wars.  I admit playing the game preview was really fun though and I am sure it will get me excited for the new movie.

Despite all this, I have yet to play in the Pkayset!  I have only played in the hub so far.  So far I am really enjoying the improvements.

3.0 brings back toybox challenges!  So far I burnt my thumb out trying to break balloons.  

Interior is back but with sidekick rooms, less involved room challanges, quizzes, finding and collecting challanges, and the decorations are now purchases in bundles as opposed to by piece which is really handy.

They have a new more involved sidekick feature which I am just starting to play with but it involves bringing your sidekick on missions much like the bonus discs in 2.0 except now you can feed your sidekick and improve your relationship with them.  It seems depending on what you feed them and how much their overall stats improve.  Like 2.0 you toss your sidekick into areas marked for them for items such as dynamite and you open chests to upgrade their gear.  In addition their in a farm where you put them to work farming food for themselves and if weeds grow you need to smash them.

It's a cute concept.

That's as much as I have played with so far outside of reloading all of my figures and discs into 3.0.  I do wish that information translated from the editions. The in game purchased items do, however.  Almost all anyway. 

Oh and I can't wait for my Inside Out bundle to get here!  I also ordered the Toybox Takeover. I can't wait to see what this is!  Surgery recovery is going to be really sweet for me.  Ha!