Thursday, October 22, 2015

Replacement Flutter Pony Wings

I have had an emotionally confusing week. One that involved personal heartbreak but quite a bit of career success. How's that to twist your heart? However, I was delighted Monday to find a small package at my post office with replacement Flutter Pony Wings!

For those of you that didn't grow up playing with My Little Pony in the 80s, flutter ponies came out around 88 or so in conjunction with the theater release of the My Little Pony film.  They have special wings that were able to push the wind hard enough to shove the purple ooze back from Paradise Estate.

The toy flutter pony wings were not nearly as strong as the movie version and, any 80s pony fan knows, they pretty much broke the second one attempted to "flutter" the wings.  They have a button on the back to push the wings up and down but the clear wings would break pretty much immediately at the connection. They were intensely fragile.

Because of this I have avoided collecting flutter ponies.  The wings are not the easiest to come by.  Finding originals is expensive.  There are tutorials for creating replicas from originals but one needs an original to do so.  I have also seen tutorials on making butterfly wings for them just so they have wings but to me that's not what they are supposed to look like.

I have seen replicas on eBay before but the seller doesn't sell year round.  I recently joined a collectors group and someone mentioned the eBay replicas.  Suddenly I was in a position where I could purchase some. So I bought two sets without hesitation!

They ship quite nicely. In a small jewelry box and individually wrapped.

On the listing it did mention that flutter ponies spending so many years without wings may need the plastic anchors stretched out as it's likely to have shrunk. It did.  After some coaxing I was able to bring Honeysunkle back to her former glory. Take a look.

If you are interested you can check out the current listing here: