Sunday, October 25, 2015

Seamstress Saturday Mayday

Yesterday, I had intended on staying home and cleaning while the electric in my home was shut of for an upgrade. However, things changed...

I had asked my landlord to give me an approximate time for the power outage so I could plan accordingly.  Somewhere around 9am I received three text messages.  I had assumed it was my landlord but it was not. It was a friend of mine (who happens to live nearby, this is rare) and was in need of costume advice.  The way the text read it didn't sound so immediate. No rush. Just trying to figure out a costume pattern.  To me this meant they needed to buy a pattern.  Knowing I wading going to have electricity I told her I would take a look later on.

So I get up and start tidying up and through chatting a bit later I discover they have the patterns and the fabric; they can figure out how to put them together.  At that moment I couldn't leave as electricians were doing an interesting job putting copper wire through my closet but once they were done I set out Calverton to see what the heck was going on.

I got the my friends at 1pm. Turns out this costume was not just for her and her husband. Oh no. It was 7 adults combined.  The costume group is a church choir.  The pattern was a Simple Simplicity one. The problem with this particular pattern was sparse instructions.  I threw thew the instructions to the side. I have done enough sewing.

The pattern has 3 pieces and her mom was pretty good about putting the main pieces on the fold so we had a little less to pin up and sew.  However, the notches had not been cut and as usual the sleeves were confusing. These sleeves were not the average sleeve.  They looked quite odd and even seeing them sewed with the seams not lined up was odd.

So we wound up with a little sweatshop where my friend and I took over pinning, cutting the notches, and recutting some lines.  Her mom and sister were kicking it at the sewing maching. I think one was doing the straight lines and the other the sleeve attachments and collar. Dad and brother were snaking the ribbon through the top. Another sister was cutting the piece that lays over the top of the gowns.

I also had to alter one gown for a tall man with big arms.  Now I normally only do my own measurements usually taking in so it was completely new to me to both do someone else's measurements and add fabric.  It fit too. I mean I only needed to fit the arm area but I did the best I could with what I had.

By 7pm they all got done. I am not sure how but our little sweatshop worked.  We had pizza, laughs, made some apple thing, they went to their party, I went to Target... It was pretty good. Any day hanging with that group is a good day. 

I told them next year to give me more warning.  I will come over earlier.