Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bored... So Bored...

Whew... healing and relaxing is TOUGH!

Not really.  It's pretty boring.

It's only late Tuesday night and I feel like I have been home for a month.  It's only Tuesday and I am running out of things to do that are light duty.

I have finished a book.  I cooked Artichoke Spinach Orzo today that came out amazing and will last me all week.  I cleaned my oven and stove top tonight.  All my dishes are finished.  My friend fixed my hair.  Thank goodness.

Mostly, I have been working on restoring and cleaning up My Little Ponies.  This is probably horribly boring to many people reading this blog, but I have also been learning quite a bit about restoring these little guys.  Today I finished my first deflock.  There was a series of ponies that were flocked so that the ponies had a soft coat, but I think they look much cooler without the flocking plus over time and play the flocking rubs off and gets discolored.  So I played with JASCO for the first time today.  I was pretty smart about it and wore not only a respirator, but also goggles and chemical resistant gloves.  The tutorials I had seen only mentioned gloves but not the correct type.  ACE Hardware sadly only sells large so my small hands swim in the massive gloves, but that's all good.

I also started doing Oxyclean baths for the super stinky ponies.  This helps deodorize them but helps clean them as well.  You would not believe the awful smell that was coming from this one pony I received from eBay.  I will never really complain as a buyer, especially if I am getting a really good price but wow did they not mention that funk in the listing.  Whew.  That girl must have been in a musty attic or damp basement.  She smells like new now.

I have also been doing many pony boil perms.  I picked up some of the cheaper singles of the G4 ponies and gave them some screen accurate hair.  I have also been replacing the tail ribbons on the G1 ponies.  As of now I need to go pick up more ribbon colors. 

Currently, I am trying a hydrogen peroxide soak for the first time.  My deflocked Truly was very much whitened by the Oxy and the deflocking but she needs more so I am trying this method.  Surgery is forcing me to stay home but I am learning a lot of restoration techniques so that's a plus!

But I am seriously so bored.  I even dreamed about going back to work.

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