Sunday, November 15, 2015

Friday was Surgery Day

It's been a wild week but thankfully it's over. One full of new experiences and silliness.

Friday was my surgery, but yesterday I spent organizing photos on my computer. You wouldn't believe how horribly backed up they are. Disorganized since 2012. I am still finishing up 2015 and then I have to go into 2012. Ugh. I slept good last night. Ha!

Anyway, surgery was fine!  I have this weird no fear attitude when it comes to things such as this. My fear reaction is normally talking about it too much. I learned this after being on a failing static trapeze.  Surgery was cake actually.

I went to the Stony Brook Ambulatory Surgical Center. I was checked in quickly and then brought into a pretty nice waiting room where I changed, put my clothes and shoes in bags, was given information, and then my friend Shannon came in to wait with me.  We had TV and the gown was a Bair Paw gown that has a vaccum attachment that blows in warm air in a plastic area inside the gown.  The attachment worked on the lap part. There was another port that worked for the top but the port was bigger so it wouldn't clip in. How funny it would have been to see my chest turned into a warm air pillow!

The anesthesiologist came in to explain some things and then his assistant. The nurse came in to let me know my surgeon was running late. Sort of normal for her but once you meet her you love her and you really don't mind.  When it was close to when Dr Risk said she would be there the assistant anesthesiologist came in to put my IV in.  She asked which side of my body Dr Risk would be working on (my right), so the IV could go in the opposite arm. Thankfully!  That's my stick me anywhere arm. I am numb to needs on my left side but my right side?  It hurts like hell!  She even asked where I would like the IV on my arm. I went for the inside  crook of my elbow since I have had an IV there before and I figured it just makes sense.

Dr Risk appeared close to noon, she came in and asked if I had questions. My friend, Shannon being a nurse, had more questions then I did but good ones that I might have asked myself when I got home. Ha!  We found out after surgery I have bandage that I am not to remove or get wet (thank you past me for installing a handheld shower head!). So no bandage changes!  Yay!  Also that the stitches are dissolving and I am to be given a surgical bra after the procedure.

Once she left, everything happened quickly. I walked to surgery. I remember a blue bed and laying down. They explained they were putting something on my legs that was like a massage.  The assistant was strapping my right arm down and I recall it feeling tight. My left arm was also being strapped down but the anesthesiologist was working that side. I sort of felt like Jesus (sorry if that's offensive) but I was strapped in a cross.  Then the assistant was putting the nerve monitors on and I remember thinking oh my ex used to do this before he quit his career. I wonder if there is a person doing nerve monitoring or if it's her and the next thing I remember is someone saying something about waking up and me saying "yeah, I was going to send an email about that?"

Everything was done. I was completely gowned except they missed a Velcro or two on my shoulder.  I was walked into recovery. They brought Shannon in, took my vitals, gave me Oreos, and Pepsi!  They actually have Pepsi!  Shan got one too. After asking they got me a surgical bra in a LARGE darn boobs.  They went over my discharge papers and explained no alcohol and I am to remain taking Tylonol.  No real headache meds. Sadness. However, I get to return to my vitamins!  Yay!

Afterwards I got dressed. I was wheeled out in a wheelchair. The nurse would even let me push the door buttons!  No my job was to be wheeled around, lol. I am such a kid at times.  Shannon pulled the car up and then we hit Walmart, Panera, and then my job to pick up my pain killer meds. 

I don't remember taking this photo in Walmart....

Honestly, I am not in pain. It stings or burns depending on how I am laying or sitting but nothing unbearable. Also knowing my reaction to painkillers I have only been taking halves at a time. 

Yesterday I found the surgical bra was annoying so I did away with it and I am more comfortable. I think it's all the random Velcro.  I also took a good look at the surgery site. While the bandage is covering the stitches the bottom of my breast is understandably bruised. I was surprised for a moment.

I have been really grateful and humbled by the outpouring of well wishes by friends. It's been a pretty amazing experience and above all I can't feel that annoying lump anymore!