Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Getting Ready for Friday

I have been spending this week trying to get anything and everything I can done before surgery Friday.

Monday I did storage things, Tuesdag I did some decent grocery shopping, today I slacked off a little, and tomorrow I get to do all my laundry.  Basically anything that requires lifting since I won't be allowed to lift anything more then 10 pounds for a bit. I am a tad concerned about the garbage but I think I can make the garbage happen Friday and shove the recycling out early since it's coming on an off day this week. Sigh.

The weirdest part of getting prepped for surgery has been *gasp* not taking my vitamins.  I was never a big vitamin taker as an adult but in the last few years I have grown very accustom to my morning vitamins. They are gummy vitamins and I typically take them first thing. Avoiding the bottle has taken some some serious avoidance.

On another note, I have learned the Tylenol truly does absolutely nothing for my headaches. Nothing.  While I more then likely hurt myself by missing a dose of my headache medication over the weekend this entire week I have been plagued with a migraine. Thankfully, it's not one that is mind numbing or I would be in some serious trouble.  The worst of it I found was dulled by a light cry, a late night chat with Scarlett, and really strong peppermint tea. I like my tea strong.  Weak tea is just slightly flavored hot water. It's just dirty water. Don't pretend.

Anyway, one more day of work then I am off for quite some time.  It's going to be interesting.