Friday, November 6, 2015

Handy Girl: Fixing Ford SYNC

Say what?  Yeah so my newish car was having so issues this week.  It was showing some serious symptoms of being haunted...

So there I was home from my great weekend in the city and driving home from my pre-op Monday when suddenly my CD (yes I use them still) starts spazzing out.  I realize my phone is trying to connect?  Um... okay... I figured it was a matter of restarting the car.  Nope.  Very much nope nope nope.

I was in such a good mood, I really wanted to connect with my friend Kate who I hadn't talked to in a little bit because I was in a weird funk and she was totally willing to give me my space.  We tend to chat while driving through bluetooth.  However, while I thought my phone might have been better it got really bad after it hung up on her.  Oh boy did it really freak out.  Try listening to the radio and having it go out every 10 to 20 seconds but in no actual pattern.

I had posted a quick video of what was happening on Instagram and shared it on my Twitter.

Ford Service responded.  Yay Twitter!  You are super helpful!  Ford suggested I do a Master Reset and sent me the information on how to do it. On my system the controls were a tad different but the master system did not fix the problem.  Sadness.

Even with Ford Audio off, the phone function kept turning it on.  It was completely bizarre.  

My following days were spent driving with my phone playing an old playlist on blast because I learning I drive a little weird in complete silence.

Because the Master Reset did not work Ford Service suggested I send the car in for service to diagnose the problem.  Not one to be hasty to bring a car into the shop because I am little bit of a brat and I serious lack the time considering I have quite a bit to do before heading off to surgery in a week!  I started searching the internet and forums to see if other Ford owners had a similar issue and if they had a fix I could manage.


It was simple and it was worth a try before bringing my car to be serviced.

The fix?  Pull the SYNC fuse out, drive the car without the SYNC fuse, and put the fuse back in (with the car off of course).

Blurry fuse box picture.  You should have seen how I was sitting.
The great thing was the SYNC fuse is in the glove box not the engine.  The not so great thing was neither fuse box had fuse tweezers.  Fail.  Eventually I dug through my car tools and pulling out a small locking wrench that did the job.  The actual fuse in the picture was the top middle blue fuse (15).  It amazes me that this car has so few fuses compared to my old Forenza.

Oh, SYNC she's back to normal.  I got all the way to track 15 and SYNC did not try to phone home!  It worked!  I have yet to pair my phone with the car again. I finally got the glove box back together.  Haha.

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