Tuesday, November 3, 2015

JemCon 2015: Lansdale PA

JemCon was quite some time ago.  I honestly started writing this and then well I was distracted, but JemCon is very much worth hearing about.

I am an 80s child. I always had this weird need to be grown up but I have never let go of what I liked as a child. Maybe it's my personality, maybe it's a side effect of childhood abuse. It's probably both.  But there are certain things I have finally learned that I will always hold in my heart whether I want to or not. Thankfully, I want to. Above all is my love for vintage My Little Pony but right below it is She-Ra and Jem, among other favorites.  Who can forget Lady Lovely Locks and Moondreamers?  Apparently a lot of people, but not me...

My friends and I did not know what to expect from JemCon.  This was not something we went to from hearing word of mouth reviews.  This was something that was totally new for a trio of nervous 80s kids that decided this was happening because it's friggin Jem.  Let's do this.

It was a pretty magical experience for the three of us.  All three of us loved JemCon.

JemCon is a very small and focused convention.  It consists entirely of panels that everyone attends. For us it was a matter of how quickly we pushed each other awake in the morning, otherwise we were at all of them.  They do have a dealer room that is small and had a very nice collection of Jem dolls.  Talk about taking a trip back in time.

Because it's such a small intimate show, the guests are pretty much one on one with the attendees. I mean Britta Phillips was singing Karaoke with attendees Saturday night.  Sunday, Ari Gold was taking selfies with us.

The costume contest was a cute walk on with sashes for the winners.  It's not the cosplay crowd which is a huge relief!  Can you tell I am on cosplay burn out?  It's not a competition.  It's just for fun and that's exactly what costuming should be.

I rarely drink but I did try half the themed drink menu.  It was hard to resist.  One can not resist the Kimberaide.  I pretty much tried everything from sipping my friends beverages to purchasing my own as long as they didn't have cream.

I can not wait to return to JemCon next year when it is in Albany.  We keep talking about costumes for next year, even though I am on a break.  I may be on a break but I will pull something out for JemCon.  Yup.

If you love Jem please take a trip to JemCon.  It's not a big show like SDCC or NYCC.  It's not even as big as Eternal Con or what I imagine some of the smaller local comic cons are.  It's very small and intimate but it's completely worth it if you love Jem.

We got an honorable mention!

IDW Jem and the Holograms!

Classic Misfits!

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