Wednesday, November 4, 2015

MLP Boil Perm

A few weeks ago I received a flutter pony in the mail with braided hair.  This is fine, but it's certainly not the look for a flutter pony in my eyes.  So she needed a boil perm.

Some of the other flutter ponies I have needed a good wash and perm as well so I took to pampering all four at once. My other two look okay. One of them still has some factory curl.

So the front yellow pony (Wind Drifter) is the one with the braided hair. She also has some pink staining I attempted to get out.

Thankfully, the staining is not on her display side. I am not really that picky of a collector as long as the markings are intact. 

So she got not just a wash but I attempted to soften the pink stain with soft scrub.

I used baby shampoo for their hair this time around.  

Side note: Soft scrub must be used carefully as it will remove the paint. 

Clean ponies. 

After taking the soft scrub to her I don't think it helped at all sadly, but I was able to get a pen mark off of Lily.

They look like little old ladies with curlers in their hair.  This was while waiting for the water to boil.

This was after the boil. Now to wait for the hair to dry....


The curls are different depending on how I put the hair in the curlers.  Clearly Lily's curler was a little wild (pink pony). Yum Yum (purple pony) did have a hair cut so I gave her a smaller rod to give her a tighter curl.  I like the effect it gave her.

Wind Drifter (my original reason for perming these girls) came out pretty stunning.

Remember her hair was crimped from being braided when she got to me so the big curl I managed to give her gives me goosebumps.

However, unfortunately there is a small downfall.  Wind Drifters wing holders were damaged.  I am thinking over the years her plastic must have become more susceptible as the other three flutter ponies had no damage at all.

Take a look.
Wind Drifters now melted wing holder next to Yum Yum's in tact wing holders. Odd but I am not worried.  One am sure I can create a wing or modify a replica wing to fit the damaged holder.  Also, bait ponies are easy to come by and I am certain I can can my hands on a bait Wind Drifter for her wing holder at some point.