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MLP: Giving Truly a New Life

While I have been home on medical leave I am sure it's pretty hard to not notice that I have been posting a lot of My Little Pony restores online.  This one was a particular project that I am so excited about and I intentionally took on for my week of as a personal challenge.

In 1985, Hasbro released a rather large set of So Soft My Little Pony's.  I was not really about these ponies, but I also never owned any of them as a child so there is that.  Maybe I just didn't get it.  I mean the Magic Star that I just got it pretty gorgeous, but when I saw my friends So Soft's I remember not liking that the "cutie marks" were difficult to see through the flocking and and they were usually horribly dirty as they were not as easily cleaned. They were well loved and it showed on them.

Ideally as a collector, when it comes to So Soft's I would like to have two sets.  One set that remains flocked and is not quite perfect because I don't believe that a used childs toy should be perfect.  Then a second set that is deflocked with the exception of ponies that exist in previous sets (i.e.: Surprise, Posey, etc).  That's the dream.

Anyway, Truly came at a great price and she was certainly deflocking/bait/customizing material.  Deflocking is new to me and I love to learn new things and the really cool thing about doing MLP restores is it's pretty easy to share the information about where I found the info and how to do it.  Also with toy restoration, it's just fun.  There is no pressure.  It's relaxing.  No time constraints.  It's pretty great.  Anyhow, deflocking can be a tough undertaking so I hear.  It's fairly tough for some and it's daunting to attempt for others.  I knew I had an entire week to play scientist in the kitchen so I wasn't worried.

The before photo is from her eBay listing.  I regrettably did not take one.

First on the agenda was to remove Truly's head which didn't need a boil to loosen the glue.  It popped right off with a little twist and tug.  I then took her tail out and then popped her into the pot to boil in Oxyclean for an entire hour.  I just left her there bubbling away on the stove.

Beheaded and detailed

Once I removed her from the stove most of her flocking had already come off, especially on her head.  For the remainder I took and old soft tooth brush and warm water and brushed it away.  I found Truly still had some rough glue left behind so I decided to skip the Acetone step and go straight for the JASCO.  Acetone isused to remove the glue on the non-painted areas.  JASCO is tyically used on the painted areas and is highly toxic (both items are).

I went to my local ACE Hardware and picked up JASCO, some foam brushes, and chemical resistant gloves.  Sadly ACE only had Mens Large, so eventually I am going to find a smaller size and resell this pair.

Chemical Resistant Gloves.  Protect your hands.

Protect your face

When working with JASCO using a respirator and safety glasses is highly recommended.  Also JASCO must be used outdoors because JASCO has some potent fumes. 

Trust me on this, from a girl that was nearly choked out from chemical fumes once you do not want to be in a non ventilated area with this stuff.  I had been cleaning a shower stall and I get flashbacks every time I clean a shower or tub with any chemical.  It still makes me cough and burns my throat.  I didn't even realize what was happening when it was happening, my then boyfriend who was a nurse heard it, pulled me out, and put a fan in the bathroom pulling the fumes out.  I still think this is why I get lots of sore throats.  It is also why I tend to choke around perfumes and colognes.  Super fun.

Anyway, I painted the JASCO on Truly (possibly not thick enough but it did the trick) and then I let her sit for a bit to dry.  Online it says about 15 minutes, but I was off doing other things so she sat for about 30 or so.  I painted directly from the JASCO can, but if you chose to pour the JASCO into a container for painting make sure it is a metal container.

After Truly was dry I started scrubbing away the JASCO.  At this point, I understood why many people use the Acetone and also thought maybe I didn't put enough on.  It's a touch hard to see where the JASCO is on the pony which makes it kind of difficult to scrub it off, but seeing YouTube where others could clearly see it made me question if I just had not put it on thick enough.  Trial and error?  Next time.  Either way, I would up getting my old soft toothbrush and scubbing her again.  Eventually I could tell she was much smoother then she had been before the JASCO.  I then gave her a good wash.


Next she was set up for a hydrogen peroxide soak.  This is a method of sun soaking to lighten discolored ponies.  It used more for highly discolored ponies then what Truly has going on but since I am learning new things and I had the time, I wanted to play.  I am sure it works for other toys as well.  Many people use Ziplock bags and I probably should have as well, but I chose to use a clear vase.  I stuffed the beheaded Truly in the vase the filled it with hydrogen peroxide.  She floated a bit of course so I found a small clear container to help hold her down, covered the top with plastic wrap, and put a rubber band around it.  The next morning I stuck her in the backyard in a spot that gets sunny.  She spent two days outside, and a few days inside by my window.

When she came out of her vase chamber she was a bit whiter.  She is quite beautiful now.  Truly was always a beautiful pony.  I found that the hydrogen peroxide did not damage her mane because it can loosen the glue, but I guess I was lucky.  I didn't dilute the peroxide either.

I gave her yet another bath.  I washed her mane and set it in perm rods.  I then put her tail back in and replaced the metal washer with a zip tie.  I washed the tail and also set it in perm rods. I gave her a boil perm and let her sit over night to dry (all while beheaded still, the inside needs to dry).

I also added marbles to her rear hooves (as suggested on MLP Collectors).  Truly was having trouble standing in her rearing pose, so I wanted to add some weight to her hind quarters to help her out.

After Truly was dry and put back together with her perm rods out, I took and Xacto Knife and etched D/F in one of her rear hooves.  I also sharpied it.  This is to mark that she has been deflocked in the case that she gets into the wrong hands in the future.

I replaced her ribbon which is her original ribbon and that's it.  That's my beautiful Truly deflocked and gorgeous.  I am so happy with how she turned out.

She is so pretty!
Check out my silly videos below!

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