Sunday, November 1, 2015

NYC Friends & Healing

After spending time with some of my favorite people this weekend (while I wasn't sure it was possible), I actually feel better.

Talking in person and being able to talk without advice or judgement is a rare gift.  There is a special kinship in sharing ones dark pitfalls that are both heartbreaking and embarrassing but a needed release.

Of course New York City is typically a soul reviver for me and laughter alone helps a ton.  Hanging out with kitties didn't hurt either. ❤️

I am feeling much more emotionally stable going into tomorrow's pre-op and next weeks surgery.

October has been a particularly hard month.  The short of what was going on the last few weeks was I had been dating someone and for lack of a better word I was dumped.  It's not being dumped that has me screwed up.  It's the details which I will spare the internet because I respect myself too much.  I haven't even really spoken to friends about it.

However, I am a survivor and I will keep trucking on. I am pretty lucky to have some great people around to humor me when I need them the most. ❤️

Being that tomorrow is my first time doing a pre-op maybe I will chat about that.  Eek!  Outside of having an annoying/painful mole removed from my hip (with a local) I haven't had surgery. This is super new for me.  I am told I learn things at Pre-Op like what to expect so this is good!  Ha!