Saturday, October 31, 2015

NYC Halloween Parade

I finally made it!  I finally went to the Halloween Village Parade!  Even when I briefly lived in NYC I missed going to the darn parade.  That and I was younger, so at the time my friend were more interested in bars then a parade.

Lucky for me, Halloween was a Saturday and I am older hanging with a less party crowd and more let's go to a parade crowd!  It's certainly madness getting in and out of the village down 6th Ave.  Getting out of the Subway at 4th was insanity and getting back was pretty crazy as well but by then NYPD had a better system in order.

Watching the parade would have seemed impossible if you stayed at 6th and 4th but we walked down a bit and found a nice area that was a bit more open by  Bleeker St.  It was pretty perfect.  People were standing on benches. I found a spot on a bench for a bit and then we managed to make our way to the front of the parade barricade.

For a time being I was a bit disappointed with the costumes but being a costumer that happens a lot.  It's sading. I hate it. But the energy down there was great!  I saw some of the same groups from NY Dance Parade and we did catch Thriller NYC.  So many Zombies dancing to thriller!  As with the disappointing costumes there were quite a few excellent gems in the parade as well. My favorite was from Beetlejuice!

Please excuse my meh pictures.  With everyone moving my phone was like nope but I tried!