Saturday, November 7, 2015


Every year, where or not I do holiday decorating, I lose myself slightly in picking up ornaments and sometimes I feel guilty about it but I just had a moment of clarity.

Now regardless of feeling a bit better from Octobers emotional mess it still lingers and I just finished an exceptionally stressful work week. One where if they were all like this I would have a mental breakdown and I would be forced to look for work elsewhere because it's not healthy and the level of stress has made me quite ill at the moment.

Now I am also getting ready for next weeks surgery (tack on more stress and nerves). In doing that I realized I needed to decide if I am going to be putting my holiday tree up or not this year and if I am I needed to do it this weekend because I will not be allowed to lift it.  So I pulled the tree out today.  In doing that, I also pulled my ornaments out.

Unpacking my one box of ornaments was somewhat refreshing. I had forgotten about the throwback ornaments I picked up last year.  My moment really came when I realized that some of these I have had since High School and every time I unbox them it's like the first time. They always make me smile and they never break my heart.

Tenderheart is vintage. I bought him last year.  My Marilyn's and Jeannie are from the mid 90's.  Marzipan was 2000 I think. Baymax funny enough broke thankfully not while hanging but he can be fixed. The eye hook pulled out.  The fairies I have been collecting since 2008 and they date back to 2005. This years I have yet to pick up but it's the 11th (I have a repaint).

This year I am not seeing much out there I am interested in purchasing and I am happy about that. Just the 2015 Fairy Messenger, kohl's has a nice Captain America, and I am thinking about the Hallmark Rainbow Brite.

Then I have these that I made!

These are my toy ornaments.  I plan on doing a quick tutorial on these.  Closer to the holidays.  I will get more Marvel in there. I will. Disney is just easier.