Monday, November 2, 2015

Pre-Operative Appointment & Surgery Things

Oy.  Life moves fast.  Today was my Pre-Op appointment being that I have never had surgery before I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, the staff was pretty sweet which made it an easy experience.

Yay!  Arrival!  I actually missed the building and had to turn the GPS on my phone on to turn around.  Whoops.

Anyway, in 2011 I self diagnosed a lump in my right breast.  That summer many things happened quickly resulting in a needle biopsy showing I had a significant fibroidnoma.  I had the option then to have it removed or have check ups every six months that included an ultrasound. I decided to leave well enough alone and have the check ups.  Come five months later my breast surgeon is no longer taking my insurance but my insurance does have out of network coverage so I was quoted a certain fee and I went ahead with the six month ultrasound and checkup.  Everything stayed the same but I was hit with a much larger fee then I had been quoted. Not being one to complain, instead of continuing my six month ultrasounds (or changing surgeons) I chose to stop because I felt I did not want to spend the rest of my life getting ultrasounds twice a year and paying fog an out of network surgeon.  Trust me, my OBGYN was not thrilled about this.

Recently, the fibroid started to bother me more so during my last OBGYN check up I requested a list of surgeons and a script to have the ultrasound done.  He was very much okay with this and pointed out a great surgeon for me.   When I had the new ultrasound done it was clear why it had been bothering me because it grew. I already knew I wanted it out before they asked.

Funny enough, it was where I had the ultrasound done that was confused as to why I would switch surgeons until I almost cried in the office and then they let it go and made the appointment with the new one.  Stop pressuring me to use an out of network surgeon. Stop.  It's a strange thing to discuss having breast surgery then to pressure the patient into a different surgeon?  Just no.

So anyway, I went to Pre-Op today and I learned a bunch of things and gave them a bunch of information.  At the time of my consultation I had been taking Fish Oil supplements to help with migraines but I stopped about two months ago.  Turns out I would have needed to stop taking it seven days prior to surgery anyway (along with my other vitamins).  I already took my B12 yesterday and my next dose is not until after surgery.  Yay!

No contacts are to be worn on surgery day because the body gets dehydrated and the contacts would obviously become highly uncomfortable.

My biggest question was about the Anesthesia because my surgeon said I would be out but not under anesthesia yet it was mentioned at the pre-op.  I will be in Twilight as my coworker thought.  She described it as a sedation. My coworker described it as being conscious so they can ask you questions but you don't remember anything and it's like being high. This is going to be interesting. 

On my way home I stopped for Tylenol because while it's also great that I stopped taking Excedrin (aspirin) I need to not take Motrin for the time being.  I can do this for a few weeks.

Oh and I have to fast before surgery.  Clear liquids but I can have my Polar Seltzers!!!!

I am excited to get this over with. I am excited to be able to get strong bear hugs again and go in right like used to.  I am also excited to not have to deal with this anymore. It will be gone!