Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thoughts: Jem and the Holograms 2015 SPOILERS

Last night, with my gift certificate in hand I finally found myself with somewhat of a free evening (because I really should have been home doing other things).  So I caught the absolute final showing of Jem and the Holograms and my extremely local theater.  It is still playing at other theaters, but extremely limited.  It just worked out tonight.

So here's the thing, the movie has gotten A LOT of bad press.  People really want to hate on this film.  I didn't hate it.  I didn't hate it at all.  There are things I didn't care for, but overall I actually really liked it.


Here's what I didn't like:
While Synergy served her small purpose of bringing the "hologram" aspect which for the ONE SCENE after a strange hunt for her parts with childhood clips, she seemed more of a silly toy then anything with a purpose.  At the end of the film they do show her projecting small "holograms" on the stage but nothing like what was in the previous scene.  Possibly leaving more to be seen?

I also really did not care for the constant youtube clips.  I am perfectly okay with the concepts being updated but having these youtube clips that were what I can only image are the band preforming the soundtrack music cut in and out of the scene was highly distracting to drama of the actual scene.  Oh drama, wait here is a random drummer, cut back to the drama, drummer again, what is going on?

The final performance they cut out the song after the first verse to cut into youtube and instagram clips of Jem fans which is great but so out of place.  It was really sweet, but again distracting.  I wanted to hear the song and see the band finally rock out and here are all these clips.  It would have been better placed toward the end of the song and even better with a ballad.

Did anyone not love what they did with Kimber??????  She was perfect.  Not boy crazy, but totally Kimber and um... BLUE EYEBROWS from the first home video.  I dyed in my seat a little bit.  Stefanie Scott was pretty great and it was nice seeing her in a role outside of ANT Farm.  In fact, I like all of the actresses.

The cameos by Samantha Newark, Britta Phillips, and Christy Marx were great.  They all looked wonderful.  My ears perked up at those voices immediately.

Those MISFITS!  It's a shame this movie is so widely dismissed because oh what I would I like to see the sequel.

Here's the thing.  This is not 80's Jem.  This is 2010 Jem.  This movie is more backstory.  It's a lot of foundation and rebuilding something many of us already know and love.  It seemed to be more about Jerrica going through the struggles of today's solo pop star.  The struggle of having her own voice, not quite knowing what to do with it, having a label mold her into something she doesn't want, and then having to break away from that mold to refind her voice.  I think if this film took off and was a hit.  We would get a lot more of what fans want to see in the second film.  It ended set up for a Battle of the Bands.  Oh and when Kesha said "Our songs are better, we are going to get her." I died a little.  Those Misfits were on point.

There was this out of place hunt to find Synergy's pieces.  Synergy for the most part projected old home movies which is very reminiscent of the Jem show.  Synergy is cute, but not exactly needed like she was in the TV show.

It was a little weird having Erica Raymond running Starlight Music and the Starlight Mansion.  Until Rio takes it over and we are set up for the more classic Jem versus the Misfits dueling labels.  Sigh. I really do wish this film did better.

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