Sunday, December 20, 2015


Have you ever ever had a fandom ruined by dating?

Boy have I.

I seem to manage to find people with insane obsessive fandom that it completely sucks all the fun of fandom out for me.

Doctor Who was killed in a matter of only one date. I am not kidding.  Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who... Doctor No.  Stop. Wait what?  I am sorry, Doctor Who fandom is better then all other fandoms?  Doctor Who people are better?  Sorry no. Goodbye. 

Batman has been forever ruined. I actually used to really enjoy Batman but not since The Dark Knight.

Making my Jem cosplay was nearly destroyed because of a weird dating experience.  Let's just say a person kept making my costume about them which really made me not want to make it.  It's also probably why I have only worn it once. 

I have other weird things ruined. Odd fandoms.

Anyone else?  Sound off...