Friday, December 11, 2015

Custom MLP: Artax

Over the weekend, I worked on my first custom My Little Pony. I never had any intention of creating a custom pony but I botched a deflock beyond repair and I couldn't toss a perfectly good pony.

Funny enough, I had been filming the deflock of this Shady... I ruined her by scraping the flocking off a bit too rough.  I wound up peeling off layers of plastic causing the plastic to be discolored.  I then dyed her fushia in an attempt to fix her and that went horribly wrong. She looked bloodshot. It was bad.

So Artax happened instead.  Now I love painting but I rarely do it and I have never painted 3D minus High School sculpture projects I wouldn't call decent in the least.  But painting this weekend was pretty fabulous. 

I started with some research on Artax's coat. We all know in the movie Artax is a white horse.  However, I was curious how he was described in the book since Arteyu was green.  I first attempted the easy way out by looking online and came up with nothing but Artax being Arteyus horse. I then remembered that I have the book... Duh.

In the book Artax is only described as short, fast, and spotted like a wild horse. So I decided to keep his base white and spot him grey and black.  I added black hooves, black nostrils, black ears, and grey eyes.  Spotting his coat was awfully fun but hard on my paint brushes. I made sure to leave his flanks (where the cutie mark goes) light.

Next, I outlined the the Auryn in light pencil on both sides of Artax.  Then I began paining the Auryn using the gold dust and carefully distinguishing which areas were to be gold and which were gray.  Next was gray.  I also went over the gold and gray with matching glitter.

I then outlined and filled in the overlapping lines and eyes.

Once I was satisfied with my cutie marks, and I was sure the paint dried, I gave Artax a good spray of glitter arylic sealer.

Once dry, I grabbed my long abused and long forgotten White Rabbit wig. I cut some wefts off the back for Artax's hair. 

I used my brand new hair rooter tool from The Doll Planet to root hair into the mane and then used zip ties to secure a tail. I kept his tail and mane fairly short.  However, being this was not typical pony hair and that I had painted Artax I was afraid to boil perm since I wasn't sure how the hair would take it and I didn't want to melt the paint.  So I did a light neck wrap but left the tail alone.

The next day I found the hair to still be quite staticky so I took quite a bit of spray gel to it and now it's quite beautiful. 

The last touch was giving Artax a tail ribbon. I gave him two. Why not?