Sunday, December 13, 2015

NYC Birthday Adventures

This year I returned to good old Manhattan for my birthday weekend and this time it was pretty darn awesome.

Tomorrow is my actual birthday but yesterday started off with a good old fashioned heart to heart that went quite well.  Then I traveled to the city and navigated through drunk Santas and elves (because the dreaded SantaCon) to finally pick up point back rhinestones. Yes!

Then I watched a drunk Santa make a fool of himself getting tangled in a line. Bahaha.  Then off to the subway to meet up with one of my besties, change, hit the road for the village, eat, and see a show!

So I had not eaten. We got to Delancy and Essex thinking that I will look for food on the way to the show. However, across the street was Roma Pizza!  Which probably means nothing to most people including New Yorkers. The fact that I am excited about it might boggle done New Yorkers.  So from 2003 until 2005 I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and on 27th between 7th and 8th on the west side of 27th was Roma Pizza. When I went to FIT I ate at Roma's all the time. Then it because a nail salon. Now I am not sure what it is. So I was over the moon to eat at Roma's. They even had the brick decor.  Ha!

So the show was at the amazing Slipper Room. If you are over 21 I highly recommend it.  It's a burlesque house. Oh yeah. The show we saw had static trapeze, hammock, sword swallowing, hula hoop burlesque, and some pretty amazing burlesque/go go dancers.

The midnight show had even better burlesque.  We only stayed for half but they had a beautiful doubles lyra performance and a man performing balancing and contortion while hula hooping. It was amazing. He was amazing. I always say the male acrobats are the real powerhouses. They are just a sight.

I did go out in my pink Jem wig. I also have my new Jemstar earrings on but you can't see them.  Why not have fun for your birthday. 

Suckered Cap Santiago into a candle picture. Man bestie. It's my birfday come here let me shove a candle in your face. 😃