Sunday, December 27, 2015

Oh I do miss you Static Trapeze

Next weekend, there are plans in motion for me to return to Static Trapeze.  Gasp!

Over the summer, I took a select few classes and returning over the winter was a suggestiong (while I missed aerials and the socialization) but the idea of returning every remotely regularly was terrifying.  Returning to the winter location is high anxiety for me. The true reason I left aerials has a lost more to do with social hierarchy, anxiety, and mistreatment by peers then it ever had to do with the actual training.

Even now (two years later) I will not comment on specifics for fear of endangering an already damaged social circle.  What it really came down to is, I have known what I need to succeed.  I couldn't deal with the "drama" distraction.  I needed to be in classes that were not split between two very different apparatuses.  So basically, trapeze all day everyday (or lyra because I like lyra).  I also needed to be in classes with people who were disconnected from the drama or indifferent to it.  Two years ago this meant I needed to take private lessons which is something I just cannot afford.  Lets not forget missing out on seeing people I enjoy.  I also wasn't willing to take on training only once a month or so as opposed to every weekend.  I don't see the benefit.

So now, two years later the training has seemingly changed and it appears to be one that might be extremely healthy for me to return to and EXACTLY what I needed.  It's a different group with people I know and it's all trapeze.  When I heard this last night my heart did jumping jacks.  For real?  This is what I needed forever ago?  Hmmm... What should I do?  Obviously I should check this out.  This needs exploring.  The few classes we had over the summer felt like we went back four years.  It's was amazing.  Relaxed.  Just training and talking about life, no drama.  That's what I want.

However, I have no plans to return to flying trapeze.

Since, I never shared them here are some pictures from over the summer....

This is what I need to do.  Bend my back out.

Back only two classes and I did a drop... Even I can't believe that.

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