Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Since surgery my sleeping schedule has been horrifically off and I find myself awake until 3/4am. It's pretty bad.  However, I am making good use of that time.

Over the weekend I continued my insane pony work, lined all my kitchen cabinets & drawers, filed papers, sorted laundry, dishes, dyed fabric, cleaned the stove and counter tops when the dye decided to splash everywhere.... So I am certainly making good use of the time.  Sadly, I am in stupid pain tonight so I am laying around like a vegetable.

Could I really break my getting things done at night roll?  Nope. Clearly I am a true night owl.

While I had been on leave for the surgery, and going through things, I came accords the remains of my teenage/early 20s stamp collection. Sigh. I did that.

Let's take it a step further.  In 10th grade, I was given some huge jars of mostly pennies, but mixed coins and old coin collecting books. I spent weeks filling those things. I had them for years. Those books were horribly heavy and after so many hours of staring at dates on pennies and dimes you start seeing cross eyed.  But yeah that happened for a second. It kept me busy for a summer.

So the stamps, while nostalgic in a way, do nothing for me. My vegetable self put them all up on eBsy tonight. I had considered it before but I finally committed.

However, I will never sell my Marilyn Monroe sheet. It's still sealed.

I also have these two canceled sheets from another country.

Another thing I refuse to let go of is the First Day of Issue Memphis Elvis envelope. My father gave it to me when I first met him in 1998. Some things a girl can't let go of.  Some things you just have to keep.