Sunday, January 31, 2016

Crafty Saturday

I had to be awake at the crack of dawn for another company to come look at the heating system in my apartment, but I tend to actually wake up in the morning these days anyway.  What this did do was get my but up and moving.

I have a habit of being awake in the morning (often, but not always) and laying around for hours before actually moving.  That's how I work in the morning.  Anyway, I kicked off the day by continuing to tidy up since more strangers were about to prod around in my apartment.  After I was done tidying up, I started doing some "cleaning" I had been meaning to do.  Then I was sort of at a loss while I waited for these people to show up.

So I looked over at the sewing machine and thought well I can start a throw pillow while I wait.  I got set up, wound my bobbin, and threaded the machine.  I was all set up and I heard a car pull up.  Sure enough someone was upstairs.  Okay, no sewing.

While I waited for the apartment search, I decided to write out the bath bomb recipe.  I decided I would make my first bath bombs while the heat people were here since it's quiet and will keep me distracted from how invaded I feel.

In all honesty, today's look at the baseboards by this guy was no where near as invasive as the last company and he seemed way more knowledgeable.  So I was way more okay with today's look around.

But I totally made my first bath bombs!  I did find the castor oil at my local natural grocery store.  The citric acid I found with the help of a friend in the canning section of Walmart.  I would have NEVER looked there.  I learned that citric acid is potent and whoa does that stuff get the nose.

I loved making the bath bombs.  They are so much fun to make.  I am planning on getting more molds because I used an egg cooker.  The only one I could find and it had been discontinued.

I had doubled the recipe to make two bath bombs and it left more then enough to make a small one to see if it worked!  Check it out!!!!!

How cool is that!!!!!  Science!

There are tons of recipes out there but make sure to use the ones with citric acid, not cream of tartar.  It's the citric acid that causes the fizzing.  Cream of tartar will not create fizz.  Citric acid can also be purchased on Amazon.

So while my bath bombs were setting and the heat company was gone, I did start making throw pillow covers.  I started on the My Little Pony covers.  I wanted to start with the Star Wars but I had an odd feeling about the invisible zippers and wanted to work with the fabric I had already worked with (even though it makes no difference).

Finished the first throw pillow cover, tested a bath bomb, ate, showered, and then finished the second throw pillow cover.  I pushed through that second cover.

Fancy zipper insides.


Sadly by the second my energy took a sharp drop and I start to not feel well.  I was supposed to be at my friends in Queens tonight but after a nap I woke up feeling worse.  So here I am at home but that's okay.

Bath Bombs!!!!  I can't wait to use one.